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Myrtle Beach adheres to the Council-Manager form of government. City Council hires the city manager, who is the city's chief executive officer.

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Corner Icon Class 1 ISO Rating...  Myrtle Beach is proud to have a Class 1 Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating, the best in South Carolina, for its fire protection service.  Nationally, only about 50 communities have a Class 1 ISO rating. 

Blue Box  Myrtle Beach residents with property in the floodplain are eligible for a 25 percent reduction on their flood insurance premiums, thanks to the city’s Class 5 ISO rating for flood insurance.  Residents outside the floodplain are eligible for a 10 percent savings on flood insurance. 

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


A Guide to Annexation


Benefits of joining the City of Myrtle Beach


If you or your neighborhood wishes to learn more about annexation, please contact our growth coordinator, Edna Wright, at 918-1051.  Our handy on-line Guide to Annexation also will provide additional information about the benefits of becoming a true Myrtle Beach resident. 

Cities traditionally provide a higher level of service than unincorporated areas, which is why adjacent areas may wish to consider annexation.  For example, city residents benefit from enhanced police and fire protection, additional recreation programs, stronger building codes and comprehensive planning and zoning requirements, not to mention lower water and sewer fees.  City residents' water and sewer rates are half those of non-residents who receive water and sewer service from the city.

In South Carolina, annexation is initiated by the property owner in one of three ways:  a) a property owner can petition to be annexed if the property is contiguous to the town or city; b) a contiguous neighborhood can petition for annexation if 75 percent of the property owners having 75 percent of the assessed value agree to the petition; and c) in a designated area, 25 percent of the electors can petition the town or city council to hold a special election and, if the town agrees, 50 percent of the electors plus one must approve the annexation before it can occur.

All three annexation methods are viable options for joining the City of Myrtle Beach and benefiting from the city's higher levels of service.  We look forward to hearing from you, our newest residents-to-be! 


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