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Vehicles with a valid handicapped, Purple Heart or Disabled American Veterans license plate or a valid handicapped hang tag may park free at all public parking meters in SC.

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Corner Icon Park by phone! Looking for an easy way to pay for parking?  Try the ParkMobile service, which lets you pay for parking via your cell phone.   All you need is a phone, a car and a credit card.  Sign up at or call 877-727-5714.  Signing up is free, and you'll be ready to start and stop your parking time from your cell phone. The parking time is billed to your credit card, along with a 35-cent per use charge.  No need to search for change to feed the meter!

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Ocean Boulevard and Avenue Parking in the Residential Areas from 31st Avenue North to 82nd Avenue North


Operation and enforcement...  Updated February 20, 2017


In an effort to control haphazard parking and other issues associated with an influx of on-street parking along North Ocean Boulevard and in the Avenues, from 31st Avenue North to 82nd Avenue North, City Council has approved the following measures.  The goal is to provide protection for these neighborhoods and move the overflow parking that occurs during the beach-going season away from these purely residential areas.  The new rules will become effective on July 5, 2016, once signage is posted.  The city is working on an implementation schedule and will advise when enforcement of these parking changes will begin.


1.  Street-end parking from 31st Avenue North to 82nd Avenue North will require payment, with city decal parking allowed at no charge.  Pay parking in the street-ends shall be accomplished via cell phone or mobile application through the Parkmobile system, unless parking meters/pay stations already are in use.  See the information box at left for details about Parkmobile.  Pay parking will be enforced in the street ends from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., daily, from March 1 through October 31.  Rates will be consistent with other street end parking elsewhere in the city:  $2 per hour or $10 per day. 


2.  No parking is allowed on the east side of Ocean Boulevard, from 31st Avenue North to 52nd Avenue North. 


3.  Parking will not be permitted on the west side of Ocean Boulevard.


4.  Parking in the Avenues, from 31st Avenue North to 82nd Avenue North, between the Atlantic Ocean and Kings Highway, will be for vehicles with city decals only.  Individual streets may opt out of the decal-only parking by petition of a majority of the adult residents on that street.  Opting-out would mean that anyone could park on the public right-of-way on that avenue.


5.  No right-of-way parking will be allowed on 82nd Avenue North or in the right-of-way on Beach Drive.  Designated parking spaces on 82nd Avenue North will be for city decal parking only.


6.  Owners of homes along the Avenues and Ocean Boulevard will receive four placards each, at no cost, allowing their vehicles or their guests' vehicles to park on the public right-of-way, only on that Avenue.  (Ocean Boulevard homes may use the placards on the nearest Avenue, but not on the Boulevard.)  Placards must be properly displayed.  Guest placards will be available at Lanier Parking on the first floor of the Pavilion Parking Garage.  Present proof of property ownership to obtain the four guest placards.  Placards may be picked up beginning July 1 from the Lanier Parking Office in the Pavilion Parking Garage, Ninth Avenue North.  Bring documentation of property ownership.  Replacement of lost or damaged guests placards will cost $50 each. 


7Violations of these parking restrictions will be strictly enforced through parking tickets and other measures, including towing. 


8.  Parking decals are tied to where the personal vehicle "lives."  A personal-use vehicle which is registered to an address inside the City of Myrtle Beach and on which city property taxes have been paid is eligible for a parking decal.  Bring your vehicle registration and property tax receipt to the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  Decals are valid for two year periods.  Replacement of a lost or damaged vehicle decal will cost $20.   


9.  Parking Decals are available for DMV-registered golf carts at in-city addresses, but only if current property tax has been paid on an in-city registered automobile.  To receive a decal for a qualifying golf cart, bring your vehicle registration, tax information and DMV permit confirmation to the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street. 


10.  Non-resident parking decals will be available for $100 a year (valid until December 31) from Lanier Parking on the first floor of the Pavilion Parking Garage.  Non-resident decals will allow out-of-city vehicles to park at metered spaces east of Kings Highway between Sixth Avenue South and 21st Avenue North and in the metered street ends between 69th Avenue North and 77thAvenue North, but not in the residential areas of North Ocean Boulevard, east of Kings Highway.


11.  Non-resident golf cart decals will be available for in-city property owners for $100.  Bring proof of property ownership and proof of DMV golf cart registration to the first floor of the Pavilion Parking Garage, corner of Kings Highway and Ninth Avenue North.  Non-resident golf cart decals expire annually on December 31.


12.  Anyone may purchase a seven-consecutive-day visitor pass for paid parking for $30 from Lanier Parking in the Pavilion Parking Garage, Ninth Avenue North and Kings Highway.  Such a parking pass is NOT valid for the decal-only parking areas. 


For more information about metered parking in the City of Myrtle Beach, please visit our Parking Meter Management page. 


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