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Construction Services enforces city laws pertaining to zoning, signs, tree protection, landscaping, weed and trash control, inspections, plan review, lighting and trade permits

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Corner Icon See the Forms menu at the top of the page for links to building and sign permits, as well as application instructions and other business forms. 

Corner Icon Flood protection tips... Learn about flood plains and flood prevention with our Flood Protection page.  The city also has basic disaster and hurricane preparedness plans on-line for your convenience, as well as information about evacuation routes, if needed.

Blue Box  Myrtle Beach residents with property in the floodplain are eligible for a 25 percent reduction on their flood insurance premiums, thanks to the cityís Class 5 ISO rating for flood insurance.  Residents outside the floodplain are eligible for a 10 percent savings on flood insurance.  Myrtle Beach received the Class 5 rating from the Insurance Services Organization in early 2003.  Only 50 communities in the nation have a Class 5 rating, and just six have a rating better than Class 5. 

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


Starting or Relocating a Business


A guide for business owners


The people listed below are ready to provide information about starting, expanding or relocating a business within the City of Myrtle Beach. Our staff will walk you through the process and see that your project proceeds quickly and efficiently.  The answers to some questions will vary depending on zoning, size, use and other factors, so please check with the city before taking action, whether youíre building a new structure or moving into an existing one. Youíll save time, energy and money by calling as soon as possible. See our FAQ page for business license fees, hospitality fee and local accommodations tax fees for additional information.

Will I need a building permit?


When you construct a new building, add to an existing building, alter the interior, make repairs, or otherwise rehabilitate a structure, you will need permits.  Before starting, discuss commercial permit requirements with
Plans Expeditor Heidi Soos at 843-918-1165. 


How do I get a business license, and what does one cost?


A business license is required to operate a business in Myrtle Beach. To obtain a business license or inquire about license fees, contact the Business License Office at 843-918-1200.  Itís in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.  A downloadable Business License Application, in Word format, is available on the Forms page.  You may also wish to visit the Business License Requirements page.


Why are zoning and land use so important in the city?


Itís important that the type of business you wish to establish is allowed in the area of the city where you want to place it.  Zoning Administrator Kenneth May, at 843-918-1167, can help determine the zone or zones that are compatible with your intended business. His office is in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.


What can you tell me about parking requirements, height restrictions and other regulations?


Depending on the type of business and the zone, a variety of parking requirements, height restrictions, density limitations, landscaping regulations and other items may apply.  Again, be sure to arrange a meeting with Zoning Administrator Kenneth May in the City Services Building, 10th Avenue North and Oak Street, to determine what is necessary for your type of enterprise. His number is 843-918-1167.


Who does building inspections, and why do I need them?


If you need building permits, please remember that our Business License Division is not allowed to issue a business license until your building passes all inspections and permission to occupy your structure has been granted.  Inspections may be required at various stages of a project, depending on its complexity.  Please call the Construction Services staff at 843-918-1111.  They are in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.


What do I need to know about signs and exterior lighting?


The cityís sign ordinance regulates the type, number, size, height, placement and area for signage, as well as permitting requirements.  Only permanently constructed signs are allowed.  Wind-driven, portable and animated signs are prohibited.  Similarly, a light and glare ordinance regulates the type, height, placement, foot candle level and permitting requirements for all exterior illumination devices.  Code Inspector Audie Smith, in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street, is responsible for these areas. You may reach him at 843-918-1181.


Can I show or sell merchandise outside?


The display of any merchandise outside of any building is generally prohibited.  Conducting business outside of any building or on public property is prohibited, except where allowed by code or franchise.  Contact Chief Code Inspector Walt Wysk at 843-918-1173 with questions. Yard sales are prohibited on commercial properties, although temporary use permits for limited outdoor displays are available, subject to restrictions, twice a year.  Call Construction Services for details.


What are my requirements for tree protection and landscaping?


As a "Tree City USA," Myrtle Beach has specific landscaping and tree protection ordinances in effect.  To find out your propertyís landscaping requirements, contact Code Inspector Charles Rowe at 843-918-1179, in the City Services Building, 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.  He also is responsible for the tree protection ordinance that identifies which trees must be preserved and protected.


Who do I ask about stormwater management and public utilities?


New construction projects and renovations may involve stormwater control requirements, as well as impact fees and tap fees.  To find out what your business will require, contact Engineering at 843-918-2000.  The office is in the Public Works Department on Mr. Joe White Avenue Extension.


What if Iím going to serve food?


For regulations regarding food preparation and service, contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). You may reach them at 843-238-4378. Their office is located at 927 Shine Ave in Myrtle Beach. To determine if you need to install a grease trap, contact the Public Works Department at 843-918-2000.


What is floodplain management?


Whether you build or remodel, floodplain management regulations may apply to your business.  To determine your obligations under these regulations, contact Flood Plain Coordinator Emily Hardee at 843-918-1163.  Her office is in the City Services Building.


Are there ADA requirements?


Your business is likely to be affected by the federal "Americans With Disabilities Act" and barrier-free requirements in the building code. To find out what your responsibilities are under these laws, contact Plans Reviewer Jon Harrah at 843-918-1193. Heís in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.


What must I know about solid waste management?


Disposing of solid waste is a fact of life.  To discuss the solid waste management requirements for your business project, contact Solid Waste Management Superintendent Jimmy Parker at 843-918-2163.  His office is in the Public Works Department on Mr. Joe White Avenue Extension.


Are utility hook-ups inspected?


Absolutely. For inspections of power, gas, water and sewer connections, call Construction Services at 843-918-1111.  Construction Services is in the City Services Building, 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.


Who does fire inspections?


To ascertain that your facility complies with fire safety regulations, contact the Chief Fire Inspector Bruce Arnel at 843-918-1109.  Heís in the City Services Building at 10th Avenue North and Oak Street.




*This checklist may not be a complete list of all items that require city permission or involvement.


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