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Corner Icon  The Community Appearance Board is Myrtle Beach's board of architectural review.  It consists of nine members appointed to four year terms by City Council.  At least five members must be residents of the city.  The Construction Services Department provides staff assistance to the CAB.

Blue Box  CAB responsibilities... All oceanfront properties and all properties in all commercial and multifamily zoning districts are designated as areas and corridors requiring protection for the preservation of scenic vistas and architectural compatibility.  Excessive uniformity, dissimilarity, inappropriateness or poor quality of design in the exterior appearance of structures and signs and the lack of proper attention to site development and landscaping in the business, commercial, industrial and certain residential areas of the city hinders the harmonious development and expansion of the city and affects the desirability of residence and the value of land.

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


Community Appearance Board 


1:30 p.m., Thursday, March 16, 2017


Conference Room, City Services Building

921 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577


A.   Roll Call: 


B.   Approval of Minutes:  Approval of March 2, 2017, meeting minutes


C.   Old Business: 


D.   New Business: 


Sign Permit Applications


1.   GiGi’s Pizza – 211 South Ocean Boulevard:  Requests installation of (2) 19” x 48” building mounted signs. (Owner)


2.   Pavilack Companies – 936 Broadway Street:  Requests installation of (1) 2’ x 7’ building mounted sign. (Seaboard Signs)


3.   Sweetgrass Bakery and Cafι – 7223 North Kings Highway: Requests installation of (1) 27” x 80” building mounted sign and (2) 47” x 138” tenant panels on existing freestanding sign. (Seaboard Signs)


4.   Dayton House (West Building) – 2400 North Ocean Boulevard: Requests installation of (1) 4’ x 6’ freestanding sign with an overall height of 12’. (Seaboard Signs)


5.   Breakers Resort (Strong Waters) – 2002 North Ocean Boulevard: Requests installation of (1) 14” x 165” set of building mounted channel lettering with 11” x 93” up lit tagline capsule. (Seaboard Signs)


6.   Charlotte & Lily – 7821 North Kings Highway:  Requests installation of (1) 15” x 62” and (1) 43” x 55” set of building mounted channel lettering along with (1) 5” x 93” capsule. (Seaboard Signs)


7.   Cell Phone Repair – 926 (F) Iris Street:  Requests installation of (1) 3’ x 3’ sandblasted blade sign. (Seaboard Signs)


8.   Turbo Car Wash – 1942 Mr. Joe White Avenue:  Requests approval of (2) sets of building mounted channel lettering, reworking existing monument sign and adding a new CEVMS. (Seaboard Signs)


9.   Sand Dunes/Ocean Dunes Resort – 201 74th /201 75th North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests replacement of (2) existing monument signs. (Sign World) 


10. Argan Halal Market – 1101 Mr. Joe White Avenue:  Requests reworking of existing freestanding sign and installation of (1) 12” set of plastic building mounted lettering. (Trudesign Studio)


Sign and Building Permit Applications


1.   Henderson Rentals – 1001 Broadway Street:  Requests installation of (6) Sunbrella awnings, relocating existing building mounted signs, and a conceptual / final review for the repainting of the building. (Owner)


2.   Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Shop – 201 South Kings Highway: Requests reworking of existing freestanding sign, installation of (1) set of building mounted channel lettering, (2) sign boxes, and a conceptual / final review for the repainting of the building. (X-Pert Signs)


Building Permit Applications


1.   LaQuinta Inn #2007 – 4709 North Kings Highway:  Requests a final review for faηade alterations, replacement of porte-cochere, and a revised landscape plan. (Previously heard on 3/2/2017) (Trudesign / A. Epstein and Sons International Inc. / LQ Management)


2.   Westgate Resort Drafts Sports Bar & Grill – 415 South Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual / final review for an outdoor bar with vinyl window enclosure. (Canopy previously approved on 1/5/2017) (Owner)


3.   Cloisters at Myrtlewood – Cloisters Lane/Seclusion Lane:  Requests a conceptual / final review for revisions to the Savannah and Wilmington residential home plans. (Lennar)


4.   Parking Lot (previously Emerald Shores Motel) – 404 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual / final review for a gravel parking lot with landscape plan. (Coastal Landscape Group)


5.   Graves Office/Warehouse – 1664 American Way (Lot 42 North Industrial Park):  Requests a conceptual / final review for a new 4,925 square foot building, dumpster enclosure, parking, and landscape plan. (Previously heard on 2/16/2017) (Nick Nye, AIA)


6.   Rip Tydz Restaurant – 1210 North Ocean Boulevard:  Requests a conceptual / final review to add an observation deck to permitted plans. (LS3P Associates, LTD)


7.   Grand Strand Medical Center – 809 82nd Parkway:  Requests a conceptual / final review for the construction of a 1-story 9,928 square foot building addition for a linear accelerator (x-ray machine). (TMPartners, PLLC)


E.    Non Agenda Items from Staff:


F.    Non Agenda Items from Board Members:


G.   Adjournment:


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