Downtown Redevelopment Corporation

(843) 918-1055

Lauren Clever, Executive Director

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation's mission is to initiate and facilitate revitalization of Myrtle Beach's central business district through strategic aesthetic, functional and business development goals; through the addition and enhancement of public infrastructure, including the boardwalk, and through the creation of economic and other incentive programs; and through partnerships with private investment and development sectors.  Boardwalk fLAGS

For more information about the DRC, contact Executive Director Lauren Clever at 843-918-1055 or visit the DRC Facebook page.  The 11-member Board of Directors meets at 12:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.  The most recent DRC agenda is available.


Chuck Martino, Chairman
Ann Brittain LeMay, Vice Chairman
John Pedersen, Treasurer; City Manager
Taylor Damonte, Secretary
David Stradinger
Craig Atkins
Chip Smith
Leigh Meese
Lizzie Daniel
Efi Shahar
Carter Garrison