Police Department

(843) 918-1382

Amy Prock, Chief of Police
Emergency Assistance:  911
Crime Prevention Unit:  843-918-1806
Information and Non-Emergency Calls:  843-918-1382
Detention Facility Information:  843-918-1382
Training Unit:  843-918-1802
Animal Control:  843-918-1382

Ted C Collins LECThe Myrtle Beach Police Department has 300 officers and staff, and provides a wide range of protection and enforcement services for our residents, visitors and businesses.  The department's headquarters are located in the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center, 1101 North Oak Street.  Additional police operations take place at the Law Enforcement Center Annex on Mustang Street and the Police-Fire Complex, Fire Station No. 4, on Howard Avenue.  


If you spot suspicious activity and/or possible criminal behavior, call 843-918-1382 as soon as possible!


Please call the Police Department's non-emergency dispatch line at 843-918-1382.  Or, send an email to to request a report.


The Police Department has a community-oriented policing philosophy and accomplishes this philosophy through four major divisions:  Uniform Patrol, Investigative, Support Services and Administrative Division.  Special programs include the Citizens Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch Program and Animal Control.  The department operates a 48-hour adult and juvenile detention facility at the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center, 1101 North Oak Street.


P2C (Police-to-Citizen) Reports & Statistics 

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Uniform Patrol Division
In addition to providing 24-hour coverage of the city, the Patrol Division includes the Beach Patrol Unit, Traffic Unit, Special Operations Unit and Street Crimes unit.  The Beach Patrol provides coverage on our 10-mile shoreline; all officers are certified lifeguards.  The Traffic Unit concentrates on enforcing traffic laws and investigates all wrecks in the city.

Special Operations Division
The Special Operations Division, also known as our Waterfront Unit, focuses on Ocean Boulevard and the downtown area.  Many of the downtown officers patrol on bicycles, on-foot or use small vehicles known as GEM cars.  The Street Crimes Unit works with Narcotics and Vice officers to address street-level illegal activities.

Investigative Division
The Investigative Division is responsible for on-going investigations into criminal activity within the City of Myrtle Beach.  Sections within the division include Violent Crimes, Property Crimes and Financial Crimes.  The division also has a Crime Scene Section, which serves the city by locating and preserving evidence.

Support Services Division
The Support Services Division is home to the Records, Telecommunications, Property and Evidence and Detention Sections.  The Records Section is responsible for data entry and report preparation; call 843-918-1332 to contact the Records Supervisor.  The Property and Evidence Section stores and safeguards evidence and recovered property, as well as found and relinquished property.  Our Telecommunications Section officers are responsible for receiving and dispatching both police and fire calls.  The Detention Section is responsible for housing adults and juveniles for a limited time in our on-site detention facility.

Administrative Division
The Administrative Division includes sections for Training, School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention, Animal Control, Special Events, Citizens Police Academy and the Office of Professional Standards.  The department has rigorous training standards and the Training Section provides professional skills and educational support to all personnel.  Our School Resource Officers are an important part of the schools in which they serve and provide a welcome contact for both students and parents alike.  The Crime Prevention Section coordinates the Neighborhood Watch program and works to increase community awareness and  preparedness.  The Animal Control staff works closely with the staff at the Grand Strand Humane Society, located on Mr. Joe White Avenue.  The two-person unit responds to calls from the public about domestic and wild animals. 

The Special Events Section works with individuals, businesses and organizations who request law enforcement support for special events, including parades and funeral escorts.  The special events coordinator is also responsible for taxicab medallions and inspections. 


Hundreds of residents have completed the Citizens Police Academy since the Police Department first offered the program in 2000.  Sessions are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. CPA 34 Large cropped The 10-week class meets Monday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. to learn about topics such as crime scene investigation, defensive driving, gun safety, domestic violence and crime prevention.

The Police Department accepts applications for the Citizens Police Academy twice a year.  Applications for the 35th session, which begins in January 2018, have closed. 

Here are the application criteria...

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants must live or work in Horry County. Residents of Myrtle Beach will receive first preference.
  • Applicants must complete a personal history form.
  • Applicants must undergo a background investigation and a criminal history check.
  • Applicants must attend at least eight of the 10 meetings to graduate.

In addition, Academy participants must complete at least 15 hours of ride-along and work-along time with Myrtle Beach police officers and personnel.  Students arrange these sessions at their convenience.  After all, the Myrtle Beach Police Department is a 24-hour a day operation.  Academy participants also learn to use the firearms training simulator, a room-sized video experience.  The Citizens Police Academy is not designed to turn you into a police officer, but it will give you an appreciation of what law enforcement officers do and the decisions they must make.  An optional Saturday class allows time for special (fun) topics, and graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the course.  Questions?  Contact Sgt. MacPherson at 843-918-1803.