Utility Services & Billing

The Financial Services Department's Utility Billing Division is responsible for water, sewer, sanitation and stormwater management fees, all of which are billed monthly on the same utility statement.  The Utility Billing Division is in the City Services Building, 921 Oak Street.  Call 843-918-1212 for assistance.  If you're a new customer, see the FAQs below!

Our IVR Customer Portal allows a one-time customer payment without having to create a user account.  Or, you can create a user account in the IVR Portal and then log in each time you want to pay.  The user account allows you to add one or more utility accounts to your profile.  Features of the user account include: 

  • One-Time Payment (without a user account)
  • Pay My Bill
  • Autopay Setup
  • Payment History (available after you make payment via a user account)
  • My Wallet (add multiple credit card or bank accounts from which to pay)
  • Finally, with the new IVR Portal, you can create a user account "on the fly," without completing an application.

To access our other on-line payment option to view and pay utility bills, you must first sign up by completing a Utility E-Service Application.  Print and complete the application and return it by mail, fax or in person to the Utility Billing Office, 921 Oak Street.  The mailing address is Utility Billing, P. O. Box 2468, Myrtle Beach, SC  29578, and the fax number is 843-918-1210. 

Once your application has been received and accepted, you will be able to subscribe to your utility account and access your bill within 24 hours.  You will need to create a User Profile or log into your User Profile Account to enable quick and secure access to your utility account and services.  Then, simply view and pay your utility bill on-line.  Thanks.

How can I pay my utility bill?

Can I receive my bill electronically and avoid the paper bill?

I need to start my utility service.  What do I do?

How much is the utility deposit?

Does it matter whether I am a new customer or an existing customer when applying for utility service?

I am a property owner who rents to others. Do I have to pay a utility deposit?

When do I get my deposit back?

How often am I billed?

What kind of utility bill can I expect to receive?

Will I receive a bill even if I do not use any water?