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The Clerk of Court and  Municipal Court are in the

Ted C. Collins

Law Enforcement Center at 1101 North Oak Street. Call 843-918-1356.

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Corner Icon The Clerk of Court's Office is open 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.  The Clerk of Court is closed during city-observed holidays.

Blue Box  Do you need more?  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for other helpful information about the City of Myrtle Beach. 

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1014.  


Frequently Asked Court Questions


Myrtle Beach Municipal Court

Q:  How do I pay a citation?

A:  Payments shall be made by cash, money order, cashier’s check, Visa or MasterCard.  No personal checks are accepted for payment of citations.  Cashier checks and money orders must be made payable to “The City of Myrtle Beach.“  Payments may be made in person during business hours at the Clerk of Court Office, inside the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center.  If payment is mailed, please enclose ticket number, name of person cited and a current address. Fines are due either before or on the court date.  Visa and MasterCard payments may be made by telephone.  If you prefer, you may pay city, county and state tickets on-line through the Horry County Court System's web site Failure to respond and/or answer citations as required by law may result in one or both of the following:

1.   The issuance of an arrest warrant.

2.   Suspension of driver’s license or denial of renewal by Department of Public Safety with additional reinstatement fees assessed.

Q:  How do I pay a parking ticket? 

A:  Payment for parking tickets issued by the Police Department shall be made by cash, money order, cashier's check or personal check made payable to “The City of Myrtle Beach.“  For your convenience, parking meter fines may be paid on line, but note that the on-line feature is for parking meter tickets only. 

Q:  Can I have my court date continued to a later time? 

A:  You must contact the Clerk of Court by phone, mail or fax.  If your arresting officer has provided the Court with other upcoming court dates, the Court may assign one to you.  If not, you will be informed of other options.  This must be done prior to your court date.  If requesting to continue a jury trial, please contact the City Prosecutor’s Office at (843) 918-1554.

Q:  How do I appeal?

A:  A Notice of Appeal must be filed with the Municipal Court Clerk within 10 days after your court date.  The amount of the fine must be posted until final disposition of the appeal.  Your Notice of Appeal should contain the following information:  your full name, address, phone number and a full explanation of your reason to appeal the judge’s decision.

After filing your Appeal with the Municipal Court, the court will forward your Appeal along with the Judge’s Return and a copy of the audio tape (if available) to the Court of Common Pleas.  You will be notified by the County Clerk’s Office as to your hearing date and time.  The cost of the audio tape and/or transcription will be billed to the defendant filing the appeal.

Q:  How do I ask for a jury trial?

A:  You must submit a request in writing prior to your scheduled bench trial date.  If you are a local resident, forms are available at the Clerk of Court’s Office.  If not, a letter or fax must be received prior to your trial date.  Please enclose original trial date, charge, ticket or warrant number, current mailing address and your attorney’s name, if one has been retained.  You will then be sent notification of a jury trial roster meeting by mail at a later time.

Q:  Do I have to appear in court? 

A:  All persons issued a citation will have a court date issued on the ticket.  This date is a bench trial, in which the judge will determine your guilt or innocence after hearing testimony.  Court appearances are not required and can be forfeited by paying the citation prior to your court date.  If you wish to contest your charge, then you must appear for your scheduled trial.  You also have the right to request a jury trial in lieu of your bench trial.

Q:  Can I get an extended payment?       

A:  Any request for an extension of payments can only be granted by a judge of this court.  You may make this request in writing or in person prior to your court date or prior to your previously scheduled due date.


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