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The city offers an annexation guide for nearby property owners who wish to consider bringing their land into the city.  It explains the methods and benefits of annexation.

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Planning Commission


1:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Conference Room, City Services Building

921 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577



A.   Call Meeting to Order


B.   Matters of Order:  October 3, 2017, minutes


C.   Matters of Business:


Items requiring Public Hearing:


1.   Z 17-07 / TEXT 17-15 604 5th Ave South - Lakeview Villas:  Proposal by Julie Nealy and AAA Construction (Jeff King and Tom Miller, agents) to rezone 10.72 acres located at 604 5th Ave. South, from RMM (Residential Multifamily Medium Density) to a new Planned Unit Development (PUD) for the purpose of converting condominiums to short term rental units.


2.   21st Ave N PUD Amendment:  Request by MB National (LS3P and Jeff King, agents) to amend the 21st Ave N Planned Unit Development (PUD) to redevelop the Breakers Resort, increase density, and encroach across a public street-end with private recreation facilities.  Request will involve three actions:


a.   TEXT 17-16 21st Ave N Amendments:  Amend 21st Ave N PUD to accommodate new lots, increase unit density in Phase I, amend parking garage designs, include designs for improvements along and including 21st Ave N, and a potential encroachment across the new 21st Ave N street end by a private recreational use.


b.   Z 17-13 21st Ave N PUD Amendments:  Rezone 0.62 acres located along N Ocean Blvd (2103 & 2106 N Ocean Blvd plus 2102 Withers Dr), 0.41 acres along 21st Ave N (400 & 402 21st Ave N) and 0.88 acres located at the corner of Withers Dr and 20th Ave N (1903 Withers Dr) – rezone all listed above from MU-H (Mixed Use High Density) to 21st Ave PUD (Planned Unit Development).


c.    ROW 17-01:  Swap alleys in furtherance of 21st Ave N PUD.

                          i.    That alley right-of-way in between Lots 161-A and 167-A of the East Chester Section of Myrtle Beach. (Oceanfront)

                         ii.    That alley right-of-way in between Lots 167-A and 171 of the Eastern Section of Myrtle Beach. (Oceanfront)

                        iii.    That alley right-of-way in between Lots 171 and 173 of the Eastern Section of Myrtle Beach. (Oceanfront)

                       iv.    That alley right-of-way in between Lots 170 and 172 of the Eastern Section of Myrtle Beach, swapping for property outside of the area. (2nd row – future phase)

                        v.    That alley right-of-way in between Lots 172 and 174 of the Eastern Section of Myrtle Beach, swapping for property outside of the area. (2nd row – future phase)


3.   STN 17-08 Portside Dr:  Request by Castles Engineering to name a street off Marina Pkwy and Grande Dunes Blvd as “Portside Dr.”


4.   COMP 17-01 Amend Cultural Resources Element of the Comprehensive Plan:  Proposal by staff to amend the Cultural Arts element, including the following sub elements: historic preservation, community appearance and cultural arts.


5.   PREAPP for TEXT 17-17 Grande Dunes PUD Sign Amendments:  Proposal by Castles Engineering to amend the Grande Dunes Planned Unit Development (PUD) to include a new Appendix B-1 Signage and Graphic Manual. 


D.    Discussion Items


1.    Rules of Order

2.    Proposed Annexation/Rezoning off Mr. Joe White Ave/Ripken Way


E.     Communications from the Planning Commission


F.     Reports and Information Presentation from City Staff


G.    Executive Session


H.    Meeting Adjournment

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