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Looking for more information?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional facts and details about the City of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand.

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Corner Icon Need to know the holiday schedule for solid waste and recycling?  Visit our Solid Waste Division page for more information. 

Corner Icon "First in Service" is our philosophy...  We believe that the employees of the city are collectively among the most talented and dedicated to be found in any workforce.  Through the efforts of these employees, the City of Myrtle Beach serves the public in an outstanding manner, providing needed services efficiently and courteously.  We believe that we can learn from the collective experiences of this work force to focus our efforts, provide even better service to the public, and improve the satisfaction experienced by all employees for the contributions they make.

Blue Box  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the City of Myrtle Beach.  The city's ADA Policy also is available.

Corner Icon Questions?  E-mail or call (843) 918-1212.  


Utility Services and Billing


Water, sewer, sanitation and stormwater management fees


The Finance Department's Utility Billing Division is responsible for water, sewer, sanitation and stormwater management fees, all of which are billed monthly on the same utility statement.  The Utility Billing Division is located in the City Services Building, 921 Oak Street.  Call 843-918-1212 for assistance.


How can I pay my utility bill?

  • The IVR Customer Portal allows a one-time payment without having to create a user account.  See our Payments page for more options. 

  • Call 844-571-2888 and use our pay-by-phone feature.  The call is free, and there’s no service charge to pay either with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or electronic check.  The pay-by-phone option is available 24-hours a day, including holidays, and even has an option to hear the message in Spanish.

  • You may sign up for On-Line Utility E-Service to your utility account, which allows you to pay your bill with a Visa or MasterCard. 

  • You may mail your payment using the self-addressed envelope that is provided with your utility bill statement.

  • You may pay your bill in person at the City Services Building, 921 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC.  A drive-through window is available, or you may come inside to the service counter.

  • You may use one of the two after-hours utility payment boxes located at the City Services Building. 

  • You may choose to have your monthly bill via automatic bank draft (checking or savings account) or automatic credit card draft (Visa or MasterCard account).

Can I receive my bill electronically and avoid the paper bill?


Yes.  You must sign-up for the On-Line Utility E-Service and opt out of receiving the paper bill.  You will then receive a monthly e-mail notice to inform you when your new bill is ready to be viewed.


I need to start my utility service.  What do I do?


Property owners and renters must complete an application for New Water Service.  Please refer to the New Residential Water and Sewer Service Application or New Business Water and Sewer Service Application.

Renters must provide the name of the owner or managing agency of the property.  All persons or entities must pay the appropriate utility deposit.


How much is the utility deposit?


The amount of the utility deposit depends upon the size of the water meter installed at the property. Please see the Schedule of Utility Deposits.


Does it matter whether I am a new customer or an existing customer when applying for utility service?


Yes.  Existing customers may transfer their utility deposit to the new location.  New customers must pay the utility deposit when the application for New Service is submitted.


I am a property owner who rents to others.  Do I have to pay a utility deposit?


Yes.  Rental property owners are required to maintain a utility deposit on file with the city as long as the property is owned.  The utility deposit will be returned when you sell the property.


When do I get my deposit back?


Residential property owners who occupy the property as their primary residence will receive a refund of their utility deposit once certain conditions are met.  The account must be maintained for a minimum of three years, and the owner cannot have more than two consecutive 30-day arrearages, or more than two non-consecutive arrearages, in the past 36 months.  All other customers receive their utility deposit after termination of their service.


How often am I billed?


Customers are billed once per month, and every attempt is made to read meters on a 30-day cycle.  Bills are mailed on Friday, and customers are given three weeks to remit payment before any late penalty is applied.  Please note that one billing cycle every quarter will be slightly longer or shorter due to the 12 month calendar.


What kind of utility bill can I expect to receive?


Your utility bill will vary according to the amount of water that is consumed each month.  Please refer to the Schedule of Water and Sewer Rates for the current rate structure.  In addition to water and/or sewer charges, your account may include sanitation and stormwater management fees.  The sanitation and stormwater management fees are fixed charges and will not change each month.


Will I receive a bill even if I do not use any water?


Yes.  All customers are billed a small base charge for water and/or sewer, even if no water is used.    



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