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City Attorney's Office

William A. Bryan, Jr., City Attorney, 843-918-1009
Joi Page, Assistant City Attorney, 843-918-1442
Lindsey Haring, Executive Assistant to City Attorney, 843-918-1012

The Office of the City Attorney is governed by state law in S. C. Code Ann. 5-7-230 and local law 2-131 and 2-48.  City Council appoints the city attorney, and the city attorney appoints assistants, with the concurrence of Council.  The city attorney serves at the will of Council, and the assistants serve at the will of the city attorney.

As corporate counsel, the City Attorney's Office provides legal counsel to the mayor and City Council, the city manager and all employees of the operating departments, as well as the city's boards and commissions.  The city attorney provides litigation services, oversight and supervision of the city in all state and federal courts.

The office prosecutes cases in Municipal Court, through its assistant city attorneys, and coordinates the bench and jury trial docket to dispose of cases in a timely manner.  Other legal services include the following:  monitoring risk exposures and recommending policies and procedures accordingly, retaining outside counsel when needed, verifying property titles and ownership, conducting contract negotiations, reviewing draft ordinances and resolutions, interpreting code enforcement issues, and advising on the processing of claims.

The city attorney and the full-time assistant city attorneys are not private attorneys, and are not solicitors or district attorneys, as the terms are commonly understood.  The 15th Circuit Solicitor for Horry County can be reached by contacting Horry County.  The city attorneys are not permitted to offer legal advice to citizens, and may only advise and advocate on behalf of the municipal corporation.

If you need private legal advice, you must contact a private attorney of your choosing.  You may receive free legal advice from members of the South Carolina Bar Association by calling 1-888-321-3644.

To learn more about the Victim Advocate Division, see our Victim Advocate Division webpage.

City Attorney William A. Bryan, Jr.
P. O. Box 2468

Myrtle Beach, SC  29578 
Office:  (843) 918-1009
Fax:  (843) 918-1028