Downtown Redevelopment Corporation

(843) 918-1055

Lauren Clever, Executive Director
Brian Schmitt, Executive Assistant
Alfreda Funnye, Social Media Specialist

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation's mission is to initiate and facilitate revitalization of Myrtle Beach's central business district through strategic aesthetic, functional and business development goals; through the addition and enhancement of public infrastructure, including the boardwalk, and through the creation of economic and other incentive programs; and through partnerships with private investment and development sectors.  Click here to view the current Downtown Master Plan. Boardwalk fLAGS

For more information about the DRC, contact Executive Director Lauren Clever at 843-918-1055 or visit the DRC Facebook page.  The 11-member Board of Directors meets at 12:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.  The most recent DRC agenda is available.


Chuck Martino, Chairman
Leigh Meese, Vice Chairman
John Pedersen, Treasurer; City Manager
Taylor Damonte, Secretary
David Stradinger
Lizzie Daniel
Noam Pyade
Craig Atkins
Efi Shahar
Kris Kubal