Fire Department

(843) 918-1192

Fire Administration, City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street
Fire Station No. 1, 1250 Mr. Joe White Avenue
Fire Station No. 2, 5338 North Kings Highway
Fire Station No. 3, 2108 South Kings Highway
Fire Station No. 4, 1170 Howard Parkway
Fire Station No. 5, 804 79th Avenue North
Fire Station No. 6, 970 38th Avenue North
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Tom Gwyer, Fire Chief
Lt. Jonathan Evans, Public Education Officer


The Myrtle Beach Fire Department provides excellent fire suppression and protection services from six fire stations and is a first responder on medical calls.  Nearly all of the city's firefighters are certified as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics. Engines have an Automatic External Defibrillator for use on patients with cardiac arrest, and the city operates two ALS ambulances.  Myrtle Beach firefighters also provide hazardous materials response, confined space rescue and other services.  The Myrtle Beach Fire Department began in 1936 as a volunteer force and has grown into a highly trained and well equipped organization.       


In 2019, the Myrtle Beach Fire Department proudly presents the inaugural Citizens Fire Academy, a program that allows participants an in-depth, behind the scenes look at the City of Myrtle Beach's outstanding fire and rescue team.  For more information, see our Citizens Fire Academy webpage.


From an after-the-inspection booklet to a monthly self-inspection checklist, the Myrtle Beach Fire Department offers many ordinances, regulations and inspection report forms online, for your convenience.


In Myrtle Beach’s 2013-14 budget, City Council approved a fire inspection fee for commercial properties.  The Fire Department conducts routine fire and life safety inspections on an annual or biennial basis, depending on the property type and associated hazards.  Such inspections lessen the threat of fires and promote the public’s safety and welfare.  To help cover the cost of these safety inspections, and to encourage prompt compliance with fire codes, the following fire inspection fee schedule began July 1, 2013.  Contact the Myrtle Beach Fire Marshal’s Office at 843-918-1109 or for more information about fire inspections and the fee structure.

Inspection Tier One:
Up to 999 sq. ft.

Inspection Tier Two:
1,000-2,499 sq. ft.

Inspection Tier Three:
2,500-9,999 sq. ft.

Inspection Tier Four:
10,000-49,999 sq. ft.

Inspection Tier Five:
50,000+ sq. ft.

30 Day Re-Inspection:
Any Size
$0 (no charge)

45 Day Re-Inspection:
Any Size


The Myrtle Beach Fire Department has partnered with Fire Recovery USA and FIREHOUSE Software to provide state-of-the-art equipment and electronic fire inspection reporting and invoicing.  Inspection notices, invoices and permits will be electronically delivered and tracked to the email address you provide our inspectors. 

Inspection notices will come from  Invoices and receipts will come from inspections@firerecoveryusa.comYou will have the option of several payment methods.  Simply follow the instructions provided in your emailed invoice.

Questions?  For invoicing and payment inquiries, please contact Fire Recovery USA at (888) 640-7222, extension 117, or email inspections@firerecoveryusa.comFor inspection and code inquiries, contact the Myrtle Beach Fire Marshal’s Office at 843-918-1109 or email


The Public Education mission of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department is to prevent fire losses and injuries through public awareness and use of smoke detectors and other devices.  The department works to continue the city's excellent safety record.  Presentations and safety classes are available to civic clubs, schools, businesses and neighborhoods.  Call the Public Education Division at 843-918-1221 to arrange and event.


The Training Division is responsible for educating fire department personnel in federal, state and industry regulations and standards.  New recruits are required to successfully complete a certified training program at the city's fire academy.  Visit the city's employment page to learn when applications are being accepted. 

Fire recruits are trained to various levels of proficiency in firefighting, rescue, hazardous material incidents, driving and Emergency Medical Services.  New firefighter recruits also experience intensive multi-company drills, medical emergency scenarios and various types of emergency rescue responses.  Fire personnel also are required to complete at least 20 hours of continuing education per month. 


The Fire Marshal and his staff are responsible for citywide enforcement of the adopted fire code and city ordinances as they relate to life and safety.  Other responsibilities include public education, fire investigation, business license inspections, pyrotechnic permitting, pre-incident survey programs and code compliance for large community events.  See the ordinances, regulations and inspection report forms available online, for your convenience.

Maintaining a professional fire department and working to keep our city and our personnel safe is a full-time occupation.  Fire Administration is located at 921-B Oak Street, on the second floor of the City Services Building.  Administrative offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Call 9-1-1 for emergency fire or medical help, or 843-918-1192 for general fire-related information. 


The Fire Department's Emergency Management Division is responsible for all emergency planning for the city organization.  To learn more, visit the Emergency Management Division webpage.