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Insurance & Risk Services

(843) 918-1007

Val Rosser, CIC, LUTCF, CPIW, CCRM, Director


The Insurance & Risk Services Department is responsible for the protection of the assets of the city against losses, which may adversely affect its operation and continuity of services.  This is done through identifying and assessing hazards and loss exposures and by selecting the best technique to avoid, control, assume or transfer the risk.

Team responsibilities include...

  • accident and "root cause" investigations
  • administration of employee benefits program
  • audits of city-owned buildings
  • claims and insurance portfolio management
  • monitoring health, safety and environmental compliance
  • risk and exposure identification

Val Rosser, CIC, LUTCF, CPIW, CCRM, Director

  • Researches programs and products that best fit employee's needs and city's tolerance levels.
  • Makes policy recommendations regarding design, implementation and monitoring self-insured and other risk financing alternatives for:  property/casualty, workers' compensation and self-funded employee health insurance programs.
  • Identifies, accesses and mitigates hazards and loss exposures to limit city's liabilities.
  • Manages risk and safety activities and program strategies.
  • Oversees clinic for the highest level of service for empoyees.
Tom Anderson, Safety and Loss Officer

  • Provides safety training for all employees.
  • Chairs the City Manager's Safety Advisory Board.
  • Validates OSHA and environmental compliance.
  • Investigates accidents and conducts prevention planning.
  • Audits all city-owned buildings and operations.
Peggy Cantor, Claims Manager

  • Manages all property, casualty and workers' compensation claims for the city organization.
  • Oversees Occupational Clinic (WC), which provides quality care to city employees.
  • Manages third-party administrators program to ensure a proper and efficient claims process.
  • Analyzes all information and reports regarding claims for loss frequency and exposures.
  • Reviews post-loss reduction techniques to manage claims.
Barbara Vaught, Benefits Specialist

  • Conducts onboarding and new-hire benefits orientations.
  • Administers benefits programs.
  • Consults with employees and processes coverage changes for benefits.
  • Introduces "new hires" to Wellness Clinic and incentive programs.
  • Processes employee benefit claims, complaints and issues.
Miranda Amos, Administrative Assistant

  • Manages day-to-day operations.
  • Assists with claims process, team support and finances.
  • Serves as record-keeping team member.
  • Manages IDShield and Legal Shield Benefit for city employees.
  • Active member of Health Stride team.
  • Augments safety and loss control program and safety orientations.


To download a copy of the Benefits Brochure, click here.


As required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the city provides a privacy notification regarding confidential health care information.  The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act requires the city to identify the three finalists considered for a position in response to a properly executed Freedom of Information Act Request standard office procedures.  For more information regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), see our HIPAA Privacy Notice webpage.