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Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism Department

(843) 918-1188

Chapin Memorial Library, 400 14th Avenue North
Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium, 1004 Crabtree Lane
General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center, 800 Gabreski Lane
Mary C. Canty Recreation Center, 971 Canal Street
Pepper Geddings Recreation Center, 3205 North Oak Street

Dustin Jordan, Department Director
Wanda Bodine, Department Administration


The Parks, Recreation &  Sports Tourism Department includes a variety of functions and responsibilities.  To report a service request, see the Customer Request Center webpage.  The following divisions are housed within the department....

    1. Chapin Memorial Library, 400 14th Avenue North
    2. Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium, 1004 Crabtree Lane
    3. General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center, 800 Gabreski Lane
    4. Mary C. Canty Recreation Center, 971 Canal Street
    5. Pepper Geddings Recreation Center, 3205 North Oak Street

The Recreation Division oversees the successful operations of the city's recreation centers and programs.  The Recreation District Managers supervise various recreation centers and programs.

Holly Lee, Recreation District Manager
  • Aquatic Programs and Pools
  • Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium
  • General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center
  • Mary C. Canty Recreation Center
  • Pepper Geddings Recreation Center
Tony PayneRecreation District Manager
  • Youth and Adult Sports Programs
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Myrtle Beach Tennis Center
  • Special Events Division
  • Youth Programs

Jennifer Nassar, Chapin Memorial Library Director
Rob Cardella, Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium Supervisor
David Gleaton, General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center Supervisor
Docshee Moore, Mary C. Canty Recreation Center Supervisor
Chris Millsaps, Pepper Geddings Recreation Center Supervisor


Blake Goss, Special Events Coordinator

The Myrtle Beach Train Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Built in 1937, the Depot was restored and re-opened in 2004 and is available for events and gatherings.  To learn more, visit the Myrtle Beach Train Depot webpage.


Tony PayneRecreation District Manager

The Myrtle Beach Tennis Center is a tennis-specific facility located next to Myrtle Beach High School.  The facility is accessible via Grissom Parkway and offers a Pro Shop.  For more, visit the Myrtle Beach Tennis Center webpage.


Blake Goss, Special Events Coordinator

The city's farmers market, called Myrtle's Market, is located on the corner of Mr. Joe White Avenue, near the intersection of Oak Street.  Market hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, during the market season.  The market features an excellent selection of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, brought to you by local growers and providers.  To learn more, visit the Myrtle's Market webpage.


J.C. Blackhurst, Parks Maintenance Superintendent

The Parks Division is responsible for maintaining the city’s landscaping, especially in the constantly-growing network of public, city-owned parks and fields.  This division also maintains Ocean Woods Cemetery.  The Parks Division team preserves the grass, trees and shrubs in the highway medians and rights-of-ways, cleans the beach each day during the early morning hours, and provides litter control services on Kings Highway and other heavily traveled areas.  For assistance, call 843-918-2330.  To report a service request, see the Customer Request Center webpage.


Troy Marron, Special Events Supervisor
Blake Goss, Special Events Coordinator
Mallory Holmes, Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Division coordinates facility rentals and provides guidence through the special event permit process.  The division also hosts the Special Events Technical Review board to facilitate the strategic planning for special events.  The board coordinates the needs and services related to special events among  a variety of city departments and divisions, including Emergency Management, Fire, Police, Public Works and Parks Division.

To learn more about renting a park or facility, see our Facility Rentals webpage.  To learn more about what constitutes a "special event" and the permitting process, see our Special Events webpage.


Tim Huber, Sports Tourism Supervisor

The Sports Tourism Division serves event organizers and owners who are interested in bringing event participants to the Grand Strand for a memorable experience, both on and off the planing field.  Our Sports Tourism staff is responsible for contracts and reservations for the city's fields, stadiums, roads, gyms, beaches and more.  To learn more, visit the Sports Tourism Division webpage.