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Public Works Department

(843) 918-2000

To report a service request online, see the Customer Request Center webpage.  NOTE:  Service terminations cannot be submitted through Customer Request Center portal.

Need to report a faulty street light or power outage?
  Call 888-769-7688 or use Santee Cooper's online form.

Janet Curry, Director

Division Personnel
Dan Baines, Deputy Director
John C. Johnson, Engineering Division Superintendent
Chris Miller, Infrastructure Manager
Ed Marr, Solid Waste & Recycling Division Superintendent
Eric Norris, Street Division Superintendent
Brian Waymire, Fleet Manager


The Public Works Department is responsible for the following services...

  • Administration
  • Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • City Vehicle Maintenance
  • Collection Zone Mapping
  • Drainage System Maintenance
  • Emergency Public Works Related Operations
  • Infrastructure Planning & Project Execution
  • Mosquito Control Spraying Services
  • Public Works Customer Service Requests
  • Recycling Program Coordination
  • Rights-of-Way Maintenance
  • Sewer Line Construction & Maintenance
  • Solid Waste Collections
    1. Household Garbage
    2. Recycling
    3. Yard Waste
    4. Bulk Junk
  • Special Event Waste Maintenance
  • Storm Debris Collection
  • Stormwater Planning, Maintenance & Management Program
  • Street Sweeping Crew
  • Traffic Coordination
  • Utility Systems Coordination
  • Water Hydrant Maintenance 
  • Water Leaks
  • Water Meter Installation & Readings
  • Water Meter System & Meter Repairs
  • Waste Roll Out Carts (Pelican)
    1. 35-Gallon Recycling Option
    2. 65-Gallon Recycling Option
    3. 65-Gallon Garbage Option
    4. 95-Gallon Garbage Option
  • Wastewater Mechanics 


From time-to-time, citizens initiate requests for specific neighborhood infrastructure improvement projects.  These include new sidewalk installations, stormwater system improvements and traffic calming devices.  The city provides a uniform policy for the review of these types of requests to determine the level of support each request has within the neighborhood it will directly affect.  To learn more, see our Infrastructure Project Request webpage.


The Engineering Division reviews public and private development projects and is responsible for construction inspections of water, sewer, street, drainage, stormwater and solid waste improvements.  The division also oversees mapping and graphics preparation and calculates water and sewer tap and impact fees.  For service assistance, dial 843-918-2076 or 843-918-2027.


The Vehicle Maintenance Division maintains the city’s fleet of cars, trucks and other vehicles.  The Equipment Maintenance facility is located on 10th Avenue North Extension.  Currently, the city has nearly 500 vehicles and equipment devices in service, ranging from police cars to garbage trucks, and from street sweepers to fire engines.  For service assistance, dial 843-918-2009.


The Solid Waste & Recycling Division collects residential garbage weekly from rollout containers called "Pelicans," which the city provides for a fee.  The city is divided into four collection zones.  One zone receives complete service each day, Monday through Thursday.  All household garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky junk are picked up on the same day each week.  Blue recycling bins are available for our residential customers.  The Solid Waste Division also operates a solid waste transfer station on Mr. Joe White Avenue Extension.  For information regarding collection of storm related debris, see our Storm Damage Debris Collection webpage.  For general service assistance, call 843-918-2160. 


The Street Division is responsible for maintaining city streets, sidewalks, stormwater drainage and beach pipes, as well as mosquito control.  The division also supports other areas of the city in construction activities and capital improvement projects.  For service assistance, dial 843-918-2000.


The Traffic Engineering Division designs, installs and maintains signs and traffic signals and is responsible for road markings on all city streets and public parking areas.  Streetlights and festival lights also fall under this division’s umbrella.  For service assistance, dial 843-918-2000.


The Water and Wastewater Division provides water and sewer service to areas east of the Intracoastal Waterway, from the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base on the south end to Ocean Creek on the north end.  As the city’s coordination arm for these services, the division installs and maintains water and sewer lines, above ground water storage tanks and below ground sewer pumping stations.  For questions regarding your utility bill or service assistance, dial 843-918-1212.  For service repairs, dial 843-918-2000.  Here is a list of Certified Backflow Testers.