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City Day

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Come learn about the City of Myrtle Beach and its many services to the public during CityDAY, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday, February 3, 2018, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 2101 North Oak Street.  The event is an opportunity for residents of the City of Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas to interact with city employees, to learn what services are provided, how they are provided and how to collaborate with the City of Myrtle Beach. 

During CityDAY, each city department will showcase booths which display the contributions of the individual department.  CityDay features interactive displays, tours, kids’ activities and free “CityTalk” engagement (mini-seminars about some of the city’s most frequently discussed topics). 

Admission and parking at the Convention Center are free for this event.  For more information, contact Angela Kegler, Director of Human Resources & Organizational Development, at 843-918-1113 or email


City Hall (City Attorney, City Council and Mayor, City Manager) – Visitors will have the opportunity to find out if they actually live inside the city limits or not.  It’s a frequent inquiry.  You’ll have a chance to pinpoint your home on a huge map and employees will help you determine if you are in the city limits.  Attendees can take selfie using the Public Information’s selfie frame.  During your City Hall visit, you’ll see a slide show of photos from around the city and get a chance to take interactive quizzes, provide ideas for future city projects, gain municipal understanding and get information on the City of Myrtle Beach’s various Boards and Committees.

Neighborhood Services – Neighborhood Services will use the theme, “A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood.” Its booth will feature a display of neighborhoods in the City of Myrtle Beach.  LEGOS® will be provided to anyone who wants to design neighborhoods on the spot. Customized City of Myrtle Beach coloring books will be distributed to children.

Construction Services – Construction Services will explain the plan review process required before a business opens.  It will use a recently opened Walmart store for its demonstration.  Each business must pass multiple inspections including foundation, wall, roof, plumbing, HVAC, frames, structural, fire safety, storm water, before opening for business.  The department will navigate the public through each step.

Recreation Services –  Recreation Services will provide games and activities for all ages.  Take advantage of the fitness equipment available to test your physical agility.  Attendees can engage in the free fitness class demonstrations.  Information regarding activities at the city’s four recreational facilities will be provided.

Finance and Utilities – The Finance Department will distribute information regarding budget, information system, geographic information system, business license, utility billing and purchasing. The department will also give attendees an inside look at the purchasing process and hospitality fee procedures.  Children can enjoy interactive financial games.

Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue – The Myrtle Beach Fire Department engages children with its Kids’ Combat Challenge Course.  The course is a children’s version of the Combat Challenge that fire fighters perform to show their professionalism and skills. The challenge allows children to drag a water hose, rescue a victim and swing a mini-sledge hammer.  You’ll also get to experience the fire extinguisher simulator.  It uses a computer screen to provide to “fire” each person uses a modified fire extinguisher to douse the flames.  Fire engines, firefighter gear, and water rescue equipment will be on display. Fire engines, firefighter gear, and water rescue equipment will be on display. Check out the fire department’s public education display featuring literature, sticker badges and kid helmets.

Myrtle Beach Police – The Myrtle Beach Police will be showcasing some of the vehicles and equipment the department uses on a daily basis to keep the community safe and help combat crime.  The public will get an informal opportunity to interact with police officers. The officers will provide information, education and answer questions.  The Police Department will provide a separate booth designed specifically for children.

Human Resources – The Human Resources/Organizational Development Department will provide the public with an opportunity to apply for positions within the City of Myrtle Beach.  The department plans to feature the exciting summer employment opportunities available and accept applications to fill the positions.  You can submit your applications, on the spot, by applying at the provided computer stations.  Human Resources employees will be present to answer additional questions.

Municipal Court – Municipal Court will provide information on its diversion program and court payment options.  Various staff members will be on hand to answer the public's questions about the judicial process.

Planning – The Planning Department will be showcasing yesterday, today and tomorrow developments in the city with an emphasis on “What is New Around You.”  City Day visitors will be encouraged to participate in a fun activity designing what should go on vacant parcels in the city.  Children will join in on the fun by designing their own city, constructing a building and getting a building permit.  The booth will also feature an interactive flood simulation model designed to help people understand the critical role that floodplains play in the life of a watershed and the impact of unplanned development and human activity.  City Day visitors will have opportunities to learn more about the Planning Commission, Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, Cultural Arts Advisory Committee, and the Tourism Committee and their roles in helping to improve the quality of life for residents, workers and visitors in the city.

Public Works – The Public Works Department will have representations from each of its divisions. 

  • Water, Sewer and Construction Division will bring a vactor truck, the television van which features cameras that are used to find issues in drains and pipes.  You’ll get to participate in a game of cornhole with unique prize bags.

  • Infrastructure will showcase its current projects in the City of Myrtle Beach and provide real time updates. 

  • Solid Waste will host a Garbage 101 workshop, with a plastic recycling factory.  You’ll get to see a live demonstration of city employees operating a knuckleboom truck, which is used daily in trash collection.

  • Street Division will host a pipe crawl for children. The department will also have equipment such as a backhoe, front end loader and a sweeper, on display.  

  • Traffic Division will bring its bucket truck, signal light and sign board to demonstrate how the department uses these items on a daily basis.

  • Parks Division will show equipment it uses to help keep our beaches clean.  You’ll get important information about sea turtles, "crepe murder," beach maintenance, horticulture, sand dune preservation and facilities rentals.

  • Administration Division will demonstrate how the dynamic portal works.  Dynamic portal is the system the Public Works Department uses to ensure all customers get the necessary services.  ; Geographic Information System will show maps of the City of Myrtle Beach and offer insight about the applications the department has developed.  Stop by the construction-themed photo booth for children.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Division will present on a pre-trip check (fluids, etc.).  A service truck and creeper will be on display.

Chapin Memorial Library – Chapin Memorial Library wants to show you that "Libraries are not just about books anymore."  The Library will be registering people for Library cards; demonstrating how to download ebooks and magazines using the databases available through the library’s website.  The Youth Services staff will present “Storytimes” at 10:30 a.m. & 1:10 p.m. at the “CityTalk” area.