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Friday, February 15, 2019

When digging up Kings Highway in 2001, Myrtle Beach Public Works crews came across this piece of wooden water pipe, one of the original water lines used along Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway around 1900.  The four-inch square cypress pipe has a two-and-a-half inch circular opening through which the water flowed.  The wooden, gravity-fed network was used until the early 1930s, when the first pressurized water system was installed.  That was several years before Myrtle Beach became an official town.  This four-foot section of the old wooden pipe is on display at the Public Works Administration Building on Mr. Joe White Avenue.

Wood Water Pipe 1
Wood Water Pipe 2
Wood Water Pipe 3
Wood Water Pipe 4
Wood Water Pipe 5
Wood Water Pipe 6
Wood Water Pipe 7
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