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Friday, July 17, 2020

It’s not often that someone donates a whole park, but Robert Shelley has graciously given the City of Myrtle Beach a park in his family’s memory.  City Council gratefully accepted the gift during ceremonies Tuesday and unveiled the Shelley Park sign.  The park at 405 Balsam Street also is bounded by Fourth Avenue North and Cedar Street.  Future plans call for green space and improvements to the small playground on the property.  A portion also will become part of the city’s stormwater management system for the neighborhood.  Robert Shelley, a longtime resident of Myrtle Beach, offered the parkland to the city as a way of remembering his family's contributions through the years.  The family gathered around the sign for a group photo. 

Shelley Park 1
Shelley Park 2
Shelley Park 3
Shelley Park 4
Shelley Park 5
Shelley Park 6
Shelley Park 7
Shelley Park 8
Shelley Park 9
Shelley Park 10
Shelley Park 11
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