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Friday, July 21, 2023

Blue skies and blue waters greeted Myrtle Beach visitors and residents during July, as you can see in these images from Second Avenue Pier.  The shoreline is busy!  We have thousands of people in town, enjoying the sand and the surf.  People have remarked on how blue the water is this summer, and you can see it for yourself.  Sunny skies, with temperatures approaching 90, make for a great day at the beach.  The photos look both north and south, capturing our beautiful coastline and the many people enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

POW072123-1 - Copy (2)

POW072123-2 - Copy (2)

POW072123-3 - Copy (2)

POW072123-4 - Copy (3)

POW072123-6 - Copy (2)

POW072123-7 - Copy (2)

POW072123-8 - Copy (2)

POW072123-9 - Copy (2)

POW072123-10 - Copy

POW072123-11 - Copy

POW072123-12 - Copy

POW072123-13 - Copy

POW072123-14 - Copy

POW072123-15 - Copy

POW072123-16 - Copy

POW072123-17 - Copy

POW072123-18 - Copy

POW072123-19 - Copy

POW072123-20 - Copy

POW072123-21 - Copy

POW072123-22 - Copy

POW072123-23 - Copy

POW072123-24 - Copy

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