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Friday, August 21, 2020

For more than four years, the Myrtle Beach Garden Club has met Tuesday mornings at Savannah's Playground to plant and maintain the lush landscaping there.  The club volunteered to create a sensory garden that appeals to one or more of the five senses.  Featured plants include irises, lilies, gardenias, sage, basil, rosemary, lavender and thyme.  Garden Club members donate flowers and plants from their home gardens to provide a variety of colors and textures.  The Myrtle Beach Garden Club was established in 1947 and has 50 members who work on various projects throughout the community.  Be sure to enjoy the beautiful greenery at Savannah's Playground next time you visit.  The playground is at Grand Park, adjacent to Crabtree Memorial Gym.

Savannah's Garden Club 1

Savannah's Garden Club 2

Savannah's Garden Club 3

Savannah's Garden Club 4

Savannah's Garden Club 5

Savannah's Garden Club 6

Savannah's Garden Club 7

Savannah's Garden Club 8

savannah's Garden Club 9

savannah's Garden Club 10

savannah's Garden Club 11

savannah's Garden Club 12

savannah's Garden Club 13

savannah's Garden Club 14

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