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Friday, September 3, 2021

Daisy, one of Myrtle Beach’s K-9 officers, retired Thursday after five years on the force.  The Myrtle Beach Police Department acquired the Belgian Malinois from the Aynor Police Department in 2016.  During her Myrtle Beach career, Daisy was deployed more than 800 times.  With her human partner, PFC Shon McCluskey, Daisy conducted more than 75 article searches and 40-plus suspects' tracks, making numerous arrests and recovering $312,000 worth of illegal drugs.  Daisy was a crowd favorite at events, and Police Chief Amy Prock praised the K9’s public service appearances.  She recognized Daisy and Officer McCluskey in ceremonies at the Warren S. Gall Police Police Annex.  Approaching age 10, Daisy’s working days are over, but she’ll live with PFC McCluskey and his family in retirement.

Daisy Retires 1

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