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Friday, September 18, 2020

If you saw the movie, you know a little bit about the Green Book and its importance to African American travelers during the mid-20th century.  No Grand Strand business appeared in the 1940 Green Book, but Ocean Drive – or more specifically, the Town of Atlantic Beach – appeared in the 1949 edition, with Atlantic Beach being listed separately in the 1953 book.  Both the Fitzgerald Motel and Charlie’s Place in Myrtle Beach were listed in the 1953 Airline Edition.  Fitzgerald’s Motel appeared again in the 1956 and 1959 Green Books under Myrtle Beach.  Fitzgerald Motel was listed again in 1960.  With restoration of the motel and Charlie and Sara Fitzgerald’s house, the City of Myrtle Beach is preserving a bit of the history recorded in the Green Book.  The copies pictured here are courtesy of an archive maintained by the New York Public Library. 

Green Book POW 1

Green Book POW 2

Green Book POW 3

Green Book POW 4

Green Book POW 5

Green Book POW 6

Green Book POW 7

Green Book POW 8

Green Book POW 9

Green Book POW 10

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