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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Myrtle Beach’s World War II Memorial at Warbird Park is officially open, following ceremonies November 9, 2023.  The new memorial features black granite panels with laser-etched images from the Myrtle Beach Army Air Field and elsewhere during the war years.  The photos recall our community’s local contributions to the war effort.  A map of the world fills the plaza, with 17 inlaid bronze markers identifying significant battles and locations during the war.  The ocean is represented with blue recycled glass, exposed through sand-blasting.  The granite veneer and benches are from Kershaw Granite, the same quarry as the granite used at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. A “Kilroy Was Here” graphic is etched into one of the panels for all to enjoy.  Bronze markers also tell the story of Myrtle Beach’s involvement in World War II.  The bronze sculpture of a P-45 was created by Tuck Langland specifically for this memorial.  Myrtle Beach was a military town for nearly 50 years, first during World War II, and beginning again in 1954 until the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base closed in 1993.

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