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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Ten illustrations with safety messages for bicyclists and pedestrians have been installed at 10 intersections in Myrtle Beach.  The artworks were turned into vinyl wraps, which now decorate 10 traffic control cabinets.  This project was completed thanks to a $10,000 AARP Challenge Grant.  The winning designs were selected by the city’s Seniors Advisory Committee.  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee then picked the intersections and the text.  Here are the artists and the intersections where their work can be found, in the order that the photos appear below:   1) Suzanne Pritchard, Kings Highway and Harrelson Boulevard; 2) Joe DiSabatino, Kings Highway at Myrtle Beach State Park; 3) Ana Sanchez, Kings Highway and Farrow Parkway; 4) Kenley Blackhurst, Harrelson Boulevard and Grissom Parkway; 5) Natasha Cannaday, Grissom Parkway and 21st Avenue North; 6) Marci Hogue, Kings Highway and 13th Avenue South; 7) Staci Smith, Kings Highway at Main Street (the Pavilion site); 8) Sarah Shawver, Kings Highway and Ninth Avenue North; 9) Karl Tubalkain, Mr. Joe White Avenue and Oak Street; and 10) Azeri Householder, Kings Highway and Third Avenue South. 

Control Cabinet Wraps 1

Control Cabinet Wraps 2

Control Cabinet Wraps 3

Control Cabinet Wraps 4

Control Cabinet Wraps 5

Control Cabinet Wraps 6

Control Cabinet Wraps 7

Control Cabinet Wraps 8

Control Cabinet Wraps 9

Control Cabinet Wraps 10

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