Guide to Starting or Relocating a Business

Interested is starting, expanding or relocating a business in the City of Myrtle Beach?  

The city organization is excited to provide the services needed to make your dream a reality!  For more information about various topics, click the webpage links below.

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions we receive from prospective business owners...

Will I need a building permit?

How do I apply for a business license and what does it cost?

Why is the zoning code so important to prospective business owners?

What can you tell me about parking requirements, height restrictions and other regulations?

Who completes building inspections and why do I need them?

What do I need to know about signs and exterior lighting?

Can I show or sell merchandise outside?

What are my requirements for tree protection and landscaping?

Who do I ask about stormwater management and public utilities?

What if I'm going to serve food?

What is floodplain management?

Do any ADA requirements exist?

What do I need to know about solid waste management?

Are utility hook-ups inspected?

Who does fire inspections?

Where and when are the parking meters active?