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Tents, Umbrellas & Shading Devices


Tents and shading devices became plentiful at peak times and locations that they blocked access and visibility to the water’s edge, affecting public safety and everyone’s enjoyment of our beach.  So, the City of Myrtle Beach created a shading device policy and implemented it in 2014.  Beachgoers' safety is the City of Myrtle Beach's top priority.  To learn more about other beach rules and amenities, visit the Beach Conditions & Laws and Chair/Umbrella Rentals & Accessibility webpages. 


Myrtle Beach's shading device policy will remain unchanged for 2024.  Remember...  Non-umbrellas measuring less than 12 feet by 12 feet are welcome nine months out of the year! 

The umbrellas-only rule begins Memorial Day and ends the day after Labor Day.  During that time, only umbrellas measuring up to 7 ½ feet in diameter are allowed in-line-with, or behind, the established umbrella line.  Non-umbrellas and umbrellas larger than 7 ½ feet in diameter are not permitted, with the exception of infant tents no larger than 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep and 3 feet high.  Beachgoers' safety is our top priority.

NOTE:  In-city rules vary in comparison to nearby jurisdictions, including unincorporated Horry County beaches with a "Myrtle Beach" address!  Be sure to confirm the jurisdiction and rules before heading to the beach.