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City of Myrtle Beach extends emergency declaration and mask requirement

Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune today extended the Emergency Declaration for the coronavirus and City Manager John Pedersen extended the executive order that requires residents and visitors to wear a cloth face mask at retail and food service establishments, as well as in public spaces at overnight accommodations and other enclosed spaces.  The Emergency Declaration is valid through October 30, and can be extended or rescinded, as needed.  Executive Order 12B, extending the mask requirement, will remain in effect while the Emergency Declaration continues, unless rescinded earlier.  Both are attached. 

The Executive Order continues the requirement that customers must wear a mask in enclosed areas of retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, personal care businesses, professional services, gyms and fitness centers, among other locations.  Retail, restaurant and accommodation staff also must wear masks whenever they are in public areas or working with the public.  Failure to wear a mask when required is a civil infraction with a fine of up to $100 upon conviction. 

As before, exemptions from the mask requirement include when on the beach, when walking, when doing physical activity, in a car, in an unenclosed area – when social distancing can be accomplished – while actually eating in a restaurant, when working in a private office, within the same household as other family members or when an underlying medical condition precludes wearing a mask.