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No golf carts on Ocean Boulevard this weekend

An executive order issued Monday by City Manager Fox Simons authorizes the Myrtle Beach Police Department to prohibit golf carts on Ocean Boulevard, from 29th Avenue North to the southern point of city limits.  This excludes golf carts used by the Police Department to monitor traffic and maintain public safety.  The order goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, May 28, and expires when the traffic control devices are removed on Monday, May 31. 

Traffic congestion in Myrtle Beach peaks during Memorial Day weekend, especially on Ocean Boulevard.  To help address safety issues, the executive order also authorizes the Police Department to request assistance from other jurisdictions, require businesses to employ private security officers, temporarily divert pedestrian and vehicular traffic, establish and enforce “no cruising zones” and temporary cruising prohibitions and adjust park hours as needed to enforce the peace and protect residents and guests.