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Residents and visitors are reminded about the "umbrella only" rule

It’s “umbrellas, only,” please, from May 15 through Labor Day in Myrtle Beach… Back in 2014, the use of tents and canopies was so widespread that it affected the function of the beach. In places, the large number blocked the view and formed a virtual wall. As a result, Grand Strand jurisdictions implemented an “umbrellas only” rule during the busiest summer months. Umbrellas still provide shade and are anchored at only one point, not four, so they are easier to move and easier to get by or around in the event of an emergency. And they take up less real estate than a tent, leaving more beach for others to enjoy. Tents and canopies are allowed in Myrtle Beach from the day after Labor Day through May 14. Personal umbrellas are allowed year-round in line with or behind the umbrella line established by the beach services. For more about our rules and regulations, please visit and Note that other jurisdictions locally have slightly different rules about when tents and canopies are permitted.