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A friendly reminder that Myrtle Beach City Council updated laws about surf fishing and hole digging

It’s after Labor Day, but the beach is still a popular destination for locals and visitors. Earlier this year, the Myrtle Beach City Council updated laws about surf fishing and hole digging. The amended rules are intended to make it safer for all.

Holes that are deeper than two feet are no longer allowed on the beach, and no holes can be left unfilled. Beachgoers are responsible for replacing any sand they dig out before leaving the beach. The rule reads, “To help prevent personal injury and to allow public safety, emergency and beach cleaning vehicles to conduct necessary activities on the beach while minimizing the risk of damage to equipment, it shall be unlawful for any person to dig a hole or trench on the beach and then depart the area of digging without having first filled such hole or trench. No hole or trench on the beach shall be deeper than two feet.”

City Council also updated rules for surf fishing, giving swimmers the priority and right-of-way over those wishing to fish from the beach. Here’s how that new law reads: “It shall be the responsibility of the person fishing to maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet from persons in the water. Persons in the water shall have the right-of-way…. Fishing shall not be permitted in front of any franchisee’s established umbrella line.”