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Traffic change alert in the Market Common area

Myrtle Beach motorists headed east on Farrow Parkway from US 17 will notice a change to the left turn arrow at Fred Nash Boulevard.  Instead of a solid red, which requires drivers to wait for a green arrow before turning left, they now will get a flashing yellow arrow which allows them to turn left if there’s no oncoming traffic.  Several intersections on Kings Highway use this sort of turn arrow.  The “flashing yellow” turn arrow took effect at 10:00 p.m., Monday, December 13.  This improvement in vehicle flow was identified during a traffic study earlier this year.  The Air Base Redevelopment Authority funded the study at a cost of $25,000.  By the way, the former “back gate” of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base is now known as the Bellamy Interchange, for the family which once owned much of the land under the flyover intersection.

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