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What to know as Winter Storm Jasper approaches the City of Myrtle Beach

Winter Storm Jasper seems to not be timely ⏰…as its arrival has again been pushed back. However, we are under an Ice Storm Warning and Winter Weather advisory through noon tomorrow.
Please be aware the following apply to you no matter what time you see Jasper outside your windows! ��
❌ Do NOT call 911 for power outages, or anything other than an emergency. Response times may be delayed if roads are icy. Check your utility provider's website to report a power outage.
❌ Never keep your generator or grill indoors. This includes the garage. Exhaust fumes from generators are extremely dangerous. Generators and grills belong outside.
�� Space heaters can be a fire hazard if they're not used properly. Make sure your space heater's safety requirements list it as 'indoors.' Many are strictly meant for outdoors.
�� Oh no! Don't slip and fall. You or a loved one could be seriously hurt when and if walkways, stairs and roads have ice glazed over them. Grass is also slippery during a freeze. �� It's okay if Fido doesn't get walked today.
�� Trees, branches and power lines become very heavy and can snap when coated with ice. Be aware of your surroundings, it's not the time to go for a stroll.
�� Unless it's an emergency, just stay off the roads. Black ice is like a 'slip and slide.' Let's save that for summertime in our backyards.
Using your common sense will not only save your life so you can enjoy another Myrtle Beach summer, but also keep our first responders safe who will be called to save you. ������
�� If you must leave, check your car’s battery, headlights, windshield wipers and the tread on your tires before getting on the roadway.
�� Bridges, overpasses, and other elevated roads are especially dangerous as they ice-over first during winter weather. We are monitoring our bridges, particularly the Grande Dunes bridge.
Please understand Myrtle Beach and other southern cities are not as equipped as our northern states to withstand storms like Winter Storm Jasper, which arrive every decade or so. We provide these updates to keep our residents informed and safe, which is most important.
The Friday, 10:00 a.m. update is posted from the National Weather Service below.