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"The Giving Box" created at Myrtle Beach's Matt Hughes Skate Park

MARCH 23, 2022

Lookout for the "Giving Box" at the entrance of Myrtle Beach's Matt Hughes Skate Park. The box is for people who want to skate, but don't have a skateboard for one reason or another. The box also holds spare shoelaces and skateboard wheels. The skateboard park, located at 705 33rd Avenue North, is free and open to both novice and experienced boarders.
The box was part of a design project completed by STEAM class participants at Pepper Geddings Recreation Center. City team member Aaron Frobase helped the children, ages five to 10 years old, gather leftover materials around the recreation center to repurpose for the giving box. Then, the class mixed and poured the concrete with Frobase’s help. The box was installed last week. Donations at that time included five decks, three sets of wheels and stickers. The box also serves as a public art opportunity for any artists visiting the park.
Interested in donating skateboards or parts for the Giving Box? Drop off items to Pepper Geddings Recreation Center, 3205 North Oak Street, care of Aaron Frobase.