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Want a specific store in Myrtle Beach?  Here's what to do...

JULY 11, 2022

Residents are asking the Myrtle Beach City Council to recruit specific brand-name retailers, especially certain grocery stores, but that’s not something that City Council gets to choose! With new shopping centers on the drawing board in several spots, residents are excited about potential new stores. They want specific ones, but developers and retailers make those decisions, not City Council.
Where to build the next national store is based in large part on such things as competition, demand and market size. The latter is especially true for us, as Myrtle Beach’s permanent population is only 36,000 or so. When they look at demographics, they see only our permanent population, and not the much-higher average daily population, thanks to our visitors. Granted, we feel and function like a much bigger city, but even with millions of visitors annually, we may not appear “large enough” for some national companies to consider.
We’re excited about the prospect of new shopping and dining choices, too. Instead of asking City Council, try emailing the retailers directly. That should get their attention! You might also mention that we are the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country.