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City of Myrtle Beach honors five with 'First in Service Friday' award

AUGUST 5, 2022

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY ✨ Please help us congratulate FIVE outstanding Myrtle Beach Convention Center employees who make a difference: Sherman Church, Bruce Edwards, Sr., Christine Paxton, Dylan Todd and Warren Page.

These five people went above and beyond to ensure the job was done, and done well. Their nomination reads:

"A HUGE THANK YOU to Dylan, Warren, Bruce, Christine and Sherman! They truly embodied the “First in Service” motto this weekend. While we estimated the teardown and flip of the ballroom to be done by midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, it took much longer due to some hiccups. Dylan and his team stayed, and kept pushing on to get everything ready for the incoming client. I was quite surprised when I walked in at 4:45AM and saw them still working on the flip. And they were all working together and in positive moods. Words cannot express how impressive it was and how thankful NYAA and I am that they are so dedicated."

Thank you, team, for your dedication and hard work! We appreciate you so much!