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City of Myrtle Beach recognizes 'First in Service Friday' employee of the week

AUGUST 19, 2022

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY ✨ Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Jim Kiser of our Parks, Recreation and Sports Tourism Department!
Jim is the City of Myrtle Beach's irrigation technician. Working on irrigation lines is like solving a puzzle... every day. Jim stands out among his co-workers and they have honored him with a nomination. His nomination reads:
"Jim Kiser is our irrigation technician. Jim has a very demanding job, especially in this heat. Practically every job that he encounters involves him having to begin by shoveling deep holes by hand. Most of the time a backhoe cannot be utilized because the area is too small and there are other pipes and wires blocking the way. Jim never complains and has a zen-like attitude most of the time. Jim works alone and only asks for help when it is really needed. In these dry conditions Jim’s job is of the utmost importance because he keeps the irrigation systems running throughout our parks and right-of-ways to help keep the grass and flowers beautiful during the summer months. Jim also has to repair many leaks throughout the city that would cost hundreds of dollars in wasted water each month if left unattended."
Thank you, Jim, for your dedication. You are appreciated!