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What to recycle in Myrtle Beach

OCTOBER 18, 2022

What can I recycle? The City of Myrtle Beach offers curbside recycling for our residential customers. You do not have to separate recyclables. Materials should be co-mingled, or loose, in the recycling pelican. Please rinse all recyclable containers (plastics and glass). Cardboard may be stacked beside your recycling pelican.
Accepted recycling items:

• Pourable Plastic Bottles and Jugs – #1 and # 2 Plastics Only
• Aluminum and Tin Cans
Cardboard Boxes (Remove All Packaging and Tape)
• Catalogs, Magazines and Newspapers
• Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Bags (Clean; Not Greasy)
• Empty Aerosol Cans (No Caps)
• Glass bottles and Jars (Remove Lids)
• Office Paper, School Paper and Junk Mail
• Paperback Books and Telephone Books
Items that are NOT accepted for recycling at curbside:
• Appliances
• Cardboard pizza boxes
• Clothing
• Hoses
• Non-pourable plastic containers
• Plastics with #3, or higher
• Plastic butter tubs
• Plastic dishes
• Plastic to-go containers
• Plastic yogurt containers
• Scrap metal
• Shoes
• Tires
• Toys
Scrap metal and clean wood can be recycled at the Jake Abraham Transfer Station on Mr. Joe White Avenue.