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Swashbuckler Disc Golf Course brings positive changes to Withers Swash area

DECEMBER 15, 2022

Many people ask what “positive activation” means for a city. We have the perfect example to share with you. The City of Myrtle Beach recently activated unused areas of Withers Swash Park by transforming them into the disc golf course and dog park for our city. We are happy to report that through positive activation, we are already seeing a change in the 6.5 acres of Withers Swash Park converted to the newly named Swashbuckler Disc Golf Course.
The Myrtle Beach Police Department reports an almost 50 percent decrease in calls for service in October 2021 compared to October 2022. Not only are we happy to report a consistent decline in calls for service, but also a change in the nature of the calls. The Swashbuckler Disc Golf Course opened at the end of September of this year. Giving a positive purpose to areas helps make a more vibrant, better and safer community for all of Myrtle Beach. Thank you to Myrtle Beach’s Parks Division (PRST) for building and maintaining the park. Thank you to the Myrtle Beach Disc Golf Club for helping make the park what it is today.