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Myrtle Beach provides update on sand fencing and dunes revival projects

FEBRUARY 22, 2023

Many of you have been asking about Myrtle Beach's dunes and sand fencing. We have your answers from Myrtle Beach's Beach Coordinator, Anthony Kraemer. Before you read below, remember this message and, please, pass it along... always stay off the dunes!

Myrtle Beach's sand fencing will be restored from the most northern point of City limits to the southernmost point when our sand fencing materials arrive. They have been ordered and we are expecting them over the summer. Installation will begin once we receive the materials. Sand fencing that survived Hurricane Ian was left alone, but will be replaced with the new fence. Once the new sand fencing is installed, we will re-plant what was lost in the hurricane.

Myrtle Beach's dunes are not gone, but are in rough shape. We were not given the green light to "emergency build" our own. Our beach crews say our dunes are stronger when we let the process naturally occur over time. That is what we're doing, and hoping Mother Nature answers our "SOS!"