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First in Service Friday: Aaron Frobase

MARCH 17, 2023

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY.  Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Aaron Frobase for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Aaron has been a Recreation Leader with the Parks, Recreation and Sports Tourism Department for 15 years! Originally from Lima, Ohio, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, he moved here in 1999 and never looked back. He says his favorite part about his career is watching the kids he's helped raise grow up. You've probably seen Aaron leading one of Pepper Geddings Recreation Center's many camps and classes including Skate Safe, Skate Camp, Beach Camp, My 1st Sport, Recreation Art, Zine Maker and more. He is also a major advocate and leader for the Matt Hughes Skatepark. Aaron's nomination reads:

"I would like to nominate Aaron Frobase for the First in Service – Elite Team Member award. I’m not sure where to begin this nomination because Aaron is a part of so much and does so many things to deserve this nomination. First, he is a go getter… he doesn’t wait around for something to do or happen. He makes things happen. He has organized countless fundraisers to improve the Matt Hughes Skatepark. He has hosted many skate park events including Skate Safe (a skateboarding class for kids to teach skills and safety), Skateboard Camp (three days of fun and thrills for kids in the summer), skateboarding competitions (locals and those from other areas) and skate park clean up events (where he with members of the community come together to clean the park, remove graffiti, and fix parts to improve their ‘ride'). He has also been in charge of multiple bus trips to area skate parks with kids from his Skate Safe class.

In addition to his work with the skate park, Aaron is a vital part of the Pepper Geddings team. You name it, he does it! He works the front desk helping customers, answering phones and registering patrons. He gives tours of the facility. He helps to monitor the weight room and cardio room. He helps create activities and events for the PALMS Middle School group. He teaches programs like My 1st Sport for 3-6 year olds, he teaches Recreation Art, STEAM, a Zine class and a fitness class. He is always there when you need a helping hand to clean, fix something, think of new ideas or just a listening ear.

On top of all of this Aaron always has a smile! The kids are excited to see him when they get off the bus, patrons smile when they see him because they know he’s all about fun and the staff look up to him as a peer and mentor.

For all of this and more, I feel as though Aaron Frobase is more than qualified to be an Elite Team Member for the City of Myrtle Beach."

Aaron, you are making a difference and so appreciated. Thank you for being #FirstinService.