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First in Service Friday: Diane Payne

MARCH 24, 2023

FIRST IN SERVICE FRIDAY. Please help the City of Myrtle Beach congratulate Diane Payne for being this week's First in Service Friday Employee of the Week! Diane is a Records Clerk with the Myrtle Beach Police Department. She is celebrating her big 10 year anniversary as a Records Clerk with the city this year. She moved to the City of Myrtle Beach from California's San Fernando Valley. Diane says she applied for a position with the City of Myrtle Beach after her neighbor, who was a Citizen's Police Academy graduate, let her know about the job. The rest is history! Besides working with the public, Diane says she loves working with her wonderful co-workers. Diane's nomination reads:

"I would like to nominate Diane Payne for the Friday First in Service Award. Diane Payne does so much for the Myrtle Beach Police Department, especially in the mornings. When she comes into the department, she checks out the Briefing Room to make sure that it is clean and presentable. Then, she moves into the kitchen to clean up any dishes that have been left in the sink. This includes cleaning out the microwave and wiping down the countertops and stove. Once she is done with all of that, she restocks the coffee k-cups so that each person has a selection when they want to make coffee. She also stocks the creamer. She makes the kitchen look wonderful. We have a cleaning crew at the PD but she goes above what they do and takes it upon herself to make sure everything looks presentable for everyone else. I don’t think many at the PD realize that she does this work, but I know that I appreciate all that she does and more. I think this is one reason she deserves the First in Service award."

Thank you, Diane, for your #FirstinService attitude and going above and beyond. We are sorry to reveal your under-the-radar morning routine! You are appreciated, and happy 10 year anniversary.