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Be sure to “Know Your Zone,” during hurricane season

JUNE 7,2024

Myrtle Beach's hurricane season continues through November 30.  Keep an eye on the forecast and be ready to act if needed.  The first step is to “know your zone,” as shown on the map.  Evacuation routes and other hurricane safety tips are posted on

Know in advance where you will go if an evacuation happens.  Have important papers ready in a “go bag,” and keep a hurricane kit handy with things you’ll need in an emergency.  Include in your kit enough supplies for family members to have a minimum of three days’ food, water, medicine and other critical items.  Batteries and flashlights are vital, too, in the event of a prolonged power outage.  

Do not forget your pets! Have an evacuation plan for them, too, as most shelters will not accept pets.  Do some advance research on pet-friendly hotels or accommodations, or make arrangements ahead for pet care in case of a storm.  

When the time comes to evacuate, fill the car with gas and have a plan to check in with relatives when you get to your destination.  Having a family contact point is a good idea, so that relatives aren’t worried.