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Myrtle Beach Election Commission certified Tuesday's municipal election votes

The Myrtle Beach Election Commission met at 10:00 a.m. this morning at City Hall to canvass the votes and certify the results of Tuesday’s municipal election.  Commissioners verified and counted five additional ballots that were cast by qualified city voters.  Four were provisional ballots and one was determined to be uncounted from Tuesday’s voting. 

 The commission declared that Mike Chestnut and Phil Render were elected to City Council for four-year terms and that a runoff election between Mary Jeffcoat and John Krajc would be held Tuesday, November 19.  State law specifies that a runoff, when needed, will be held two weeks after the original election.  

Here are the certified voted totals from Tuesday’s election.

CITY COUNCIL (Three Seats)

Edward Carey                   1,492

Michael Chestnut           2,595

Charles Gasque                  525

Wayne Gray                     1,758

Mary Jeffcoat                  2,148

John Krajc                         2,014

Phil Render                      2,429

Write-In                                  53



With the additional votes counted today, a candidate needed a minimum of 2,170 votes to win a seat outright.  That number is determined by dividing the total number of votes cast by the number of seats available (three), and then dividing the result by two – plus one.