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Myrtle Beach City Council strengthens animal protection laws

Council’s approval Tuesday of Ordinance 2019-055 amends the definition of impound and the mistreatment of animals, adds tethering and veterinary care to the list of definitions, and provides for cases where spay, neuter and microchip are required. The ordinance expands the term “mistreatments of animals” to include:

• Exposure to extreme weather events.
• Confining an animal in a closed vehicle without air conditioning or adequate ventilation when temperatures exceed 70° F.
• Tethering of an animal for more than two hours in a continuous 12-hour period without a responsible person present.
• Tethering of an animal that is sick or injured.
• Tethering of an animal on a restraining device exceeding more than 10% of the animal’s body weight and has a length of less than 10 feet.
• Tethering by chain or metal devise which is in direct contact with the skin.
• Tethering of an animal in a manner that causes injury, strangulation or entanglement.

The revised ordinance also changes the definition of “impound” to read, “Impound means to take legal custody or possession as to confine humanely while providing adequate food, shelter, ventilation and veterinary care.” It requires all impounded dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered within 30 days. Exceptions are made for animals based on: age, health reasons or service animals. The ordinance also requires all impounded cats and dogs to be microchipped.

Grand Strand Humane Society
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