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Here are the contacts for the various city services and departments.  The City of Myrtle Beach's main number is 843-918-1000.  A list of city boards, commissions and committees also is available, along with their members
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Chapin Memorial Library Jennifer Nassar Director (843)-918-1276
Chapin Memorial Library Gale Chestnut (843)-918-1278
Chapin Memorial Library Laura Fazekas (843)-918-1295
Chapin Memorial Library Deb Warrington (843)-918-1281
Chapin Memorial Library Bruce Arthur (843)-918-1277
Chapin Memorial Library Wanda Forte (843)-918-1279
Chapin Memorial Library Catherine McDowell (843)-918-1293
Chapin Memorial Library Grace Matthews (843)-918-1293
Chapin Memorial Library Linda Rock (843)-918-1279
Chapin Memorial Library Lisa Weaver (843)-918-1279
Chapin Memorial Library (843)-918-1275
Chapin Memorial Library Scott Senig (843)-918-1282
Chapin Memorial Library Deb Warrington (843)-918-1281
City Attorney's Office William Bryan City Attorney (843)-918-1009
City Attorney's Office Joi Young Assistant City Attorney (843)-918-1442
City Attorney's Office (843)-918-1008
City Attorney's Office Michael T. Smith (843)-918-1553
City Attorney's Office Linda J. Johnson (843)-918-1554
City Manager's Office John Pedersen City Manager (843)-918-1002
City Manager's Office Fox Simons Assistant City Manager (843)-918-1016
City Manager's Office Mike Shelton Chief Financial Officer (843)-918-1126
City Manager's Office Jennifer Stanford City Clerk (843)-918-1004
City Manager's Office Sandra Zanfini Executive Assistant (843)-918-1008
City Manager's Office Bruce Boulineau Assistant City Manager (843)-918-1176
City Manager's Office Lindsey Haring Administrative Secretary (843)-918-1012
City Manager's Office Larry Filiberto Indigent Defense (843)-918-1031
City Manager's Office Brittany Sokolovskiy Indigent Defense (843)-918-1030
Clerk of Court & Municipal Judges (843)-918-1356
Clerk of Court & Municipal Judges Jennifer Wilson (843)-918-1373
Construction Services & Buildings Kenneth May (843)-918-1167
Construction Services & Buildings Chris Lee Director (843)-918-1154
Construction Services & Buildings Emily Hardee (843)-918-1163
Construction Services & Buildings Heidi Soos (843)-918-1165
Construction Services & Buildings Laura Thomas (843)-918-1184
Construction Services & Buildings Colleen Hajnal (843)-918-1164
Construction Services & Buildings Jacky Hogan (843)-918-1161
Construction Services & Buildings Steve Walker (843)-918-1052
Construction Services & Buildings Jodi Greenwood (843)-918-1170
Construction Services & Buildings Jamie Hucks (843)-918-1078
Construction Services & Buildings Debbie Sturm (843)-918-1194
Construction Services & Buildings Charles Rowe (843)-918-1179
Construction Services & Buildings Jay Hood (843)-918-1186
Construction Services & Buildings (843)-918-1111
Construction Services & Buildings Paul Cadieux (843)-918-1144
Construction Services & Buildings Matt Brooks (843)-918-1166
Construction Services & Buildings Amy Carter (843)-918-1183
Construction Services & Buildings Robert Collins (843)-918-1197
Construction Services & Buildings Lynn Evans (843)-918-1196
Construction Services & Buildings Ron Gary (843)-918-1198
Construction Services & Buildings Jose Gonzalez (843)-918-1182
Construction Services & Buildings Patrick Ryan (843)-918-1193
Construction Services & Buildings Chris Thompson (843)-918-1183
Construction Services & Buildings Josh Whitney (843)-918-1173
Convention Center Brian Monroe Director (843)-918-1230
Convention Center Nicki Stoddard (843)-918-1235
Convention Center Kayla Ochse (843)-918-1225
Convention Center Anna Lillemoen-Conley (843)-918-1231
Convention Center Ursula Pavlik (843)-918-1237
Convention Center Rita Harrell (843)-918-1240
Convention Center Susan Skellett (843)-918-1228
Convention Center Tiffany Andrews (843)-918-1236
Convention Center Frankie Sluss (843)-918-1239
Convention Center Bobby Marks (843)-918-1245
Convention Center Randy Richardson (843)-918-1244
Convention Center Aubrey Bettinazzi (843)-918-1232
Convention Center Main (843)-918-1225
Convention Center Toll Free (800)-537-1690
Convention Center Zeke Fowler (843)-918-1258
Convention Center Parking & Security (843)-918-1250
Convention Center Cory Graham (843)-918-1229
Convention Center Gaylord Pringle (843)-918-1268
Convention Center Operations (843)-918-1253
Convention Center Shirley Shanks (843)-918-4990
Convention Center Andrea Sperduto (843)-918-1227
Convention Center Chris Lindstrom (843)-918-1238
Downtown Redevelopment Corporation Lauren Clever Director (843)-918-1055
Downtown Redevelopment Corporation Alfreda Funnye (843)-918-1056
Downtown Redevelopment Corporation Brian Schmitt (843)-918-1065
Emergency Management Bruce Arnel Director (843)-918-2319
Emergency Management Billy Owens (843)-918-1396
Financial Management & Reporting Michelle Shumpert Director (843)-918-1139
Financial Management & Reporting Michael Price (843)-918-1135
Financial Management & Reporting Lori Frishmuth (843)-918-1132
Financial Management & Reporting Linda Johnson (843)-918-1152
Financial Management & Reporting Darnell Jordan (843)-918-1118
Financial Management & Reporting Vanessa Lester (843)-918-1117
Financial Management & Reporting Denise McKinney (843)-918-1127
Financial Management & Reporting Donna Ayres (843)-918-2275
Financial Management & Reporting Brian Gause (843)-918-1134
Financial Management & Reporting Julie Pardue (843)-918-1115
Financial Management & Reporting Mark Dew (843)-918-1148
Financial Management & Reporting Bill Landrum (843)-918-1120
Financial Management & Reporting Jim Smith (843)-918-1445
Financial Management & Reporting Bryan Garrett (843)-918-1448
Financial Management & Reporting Lisa Holzberger (843)-918-1201
Financial Management & Reporting Courtney Rowe (843)-918-1124
Financial Management & Reporting Accounting/Administration (843)-918-1190
Financial Management & Reporting Information Systems (843)-918-1136
Financial Management & Reporting Diana Farrell (843)-918-1150
Financial Management & Reporting Sharon Suggs (843)-918-1116
Financial Management & Reporting Frankie O'Harrow (843)-918-1133
Financial Services Department Mary McDowell Director (843)-918-1175
Financial Services Department Beverly McDougal (843)-918-1162
Financial Services Department Kristi Evans (843)-918-1218
Financial Services Department Janet Holliman (843)-918-1169
Financial Services Department Annette Gore (843)-918-1160
Financial Services Department Jamie Johnson (843)-918-1168
Financial Services Department Administration (843)-918-1190
Financial Services Department Business Licensure (843)-918-1200
Financial Services Department Purchasing Division (843)-918-2170
Financial Services Department Utility Billing (843)-918-1212
Financial Services Department Pay-by-Phone Utility Billing (844)-571-2888
Financial Services Department Pay-by-Phone Utility Billing (Toll Free) (800)-617-7758
Financial Services Department Lindsey Haring (843)-918-1172
Financial Services Department Tina Causey (843)-918-2184
Financial Services Department John Cowan (843)-918-2171
Financial Services Department Karon Hardee (843)-918-2175
Financial Services Department Ann Sowers (843)-918-2172
Financial Services Department Bruce Stoddard (843)-918-2174
Financial Services Department Wanda Carter (843)-918-1203
Financial Services Department Sharon Mills (843)-918-1119
Financial Services Department Jeremy Roof (843)-918-1153
Financial Services Department Elvonda Simmons (843)-918-1151
Financial Services Department Rianne Thomas (843)-918-1128
Financial Services Department Jared Aponte (843)-918-2176
Financial Services Department Ruth Garigen (843)-918-2173
Financial Services Department Jo Ann Kelly (843)-918-1162
Financial Services Department Pattie Petry (843)-918-1162
Fire Department Tom Gwyer Chief (843)-918-1140
Fire Department Ian Maxwell (843)-918-1105
Fire Department Karen Johnson (843)-918-1102
Fire Department Kelly Huggins (843)-918-1104
Fire Department Jonathan Evans (843)-918-1221
Fire Department Shawn Pratt (843)-918-2246
Fire Department Marty Eells (843)-918-2257
Fire Department Joe Murrell (843)-918-1109
Fire Department Steve Marinaro (843)-918-1107
Fire Department Main (843)-918-1192
Fire Department Wendy Simmons (843)-918-1433
Fire Department Scott Wishard (843)-918-1394
Fire Department Battalion Chiefs' Administrative Office (843)-918-1395
Fire Department Mike Lewis (843)-918-1481
Fire Department Charlie Miller (843)-918-1482
Fire Department Tom Van Demark (843)-918-1106
Fire Department Fire Station No. 1 (843)-918-1425
Fire Department Fire Station No. 2 (843)-918-1450
Fire Department Fire Station No. 3 (843)-918-2230
Fire Department Fire Station No. 4 (843)-918-2214
Fire Department Fire Station No. 5 (843)-918-2415
Fire Department Fire Station No. 6 (843)-918-6100
Fire Department Training (843)-918-2247
Fire Department Brian Mitchell (843)-918-1213
Fire Department Marvin Hickman (843)-918-1483
Fire Department Joe Murrell (843)-918-1109
Fire Department Scott Ordway (843)-918-1219
Fire Department Christian Sliker (843)-918-1108
Fire Department Josh Andrews (843)-918-2245
Fire Department Karl Schook (843)-918-1171
Human Resources & Organizational Development Angela Kegler Director (843)-918-1113
Human Resources & Organizational Development Carolyn Wheaton (843)-918-1114
Human Resources & Organizational Development Stephanie Sebring Recruiting Coordinator (843)-918-1121
Human Resources & Organizational Development Main (843)-918-1114
Human Resources & Organizational Development Human Rights (843)-918-1130
Human Resources & Organizational Development Housing Hotline (843)-918-1130
Human Resources & Organizational Development Amber Campbell (843)-918-1142
Insurance & Risk Services Department Barbara Vaught (843)-918-1112
Insurance & Risk Services Department Val Rosser Director (843)-918-1007
Insurance & Risk Services Department Tom Anderson (843)-918-2248
Insurance & Risk Services Department Peggy Cantor (843)-918-1005
Insurance & Risk Services Department Main (843)-918-1007
Insurance & Risk Services Department Care Here Health Clinic (843)-918-2040
Insurance & Risk Services Department Miranda Amos (843)-918-1214
Mayor & City Council Brenda Bethune Mayor (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Michael Chestnut Council (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Gregg Smith Council (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Mike Lowder Council (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Mary Jeffcoat Council (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Philip Render Council (843)-918-1004
Mayor & City Council Jackie Vereen Council (843)-918-1004
Neighborhood Services Department April Johnson (843)-918-1061
Neighborhood Services Department Cookie Goings Director (843)-918-1066
Neighborhood Services Department Main (843)-918-1062
Planning Department Eileen Flynn (843)-918-1063
Planning Department Cheryl Anderson (843)-918-1081
Planning Department Carol Coleman (843)-918-1075
Planning Department Allison Hardin (843)-918-1059
Planning Department Kelly Mezzapelle (843)-918-1073
Planning Department Diane Moskow-McKenzie (843)-918-1069
Planning Department Main (843)-918-1050
Police Department Amy Prock Chief (843)-918-1301
Police Department David Knipes (843)-918-1365
Police Department Marty Brown (843)-918-1307
Police Department Kevin Heins (843)-918-1305
Police Department John Bertang (843)-918-1951
Police Department Joey Crosby (843)-918-1366
Police Department Kim Kelly (843)-918-1332
Police Department Henry Bresadola (843)-918-1976
Police Department Eric DiLorenzo (843)-918-1306
Police Department Luci Mauro (843)-918-1312
Police Department Cathie Rhodes (843)-918-1341
Police Department Nicole Shelton (843)-918-1911
Police Department Philip Cain (843)-918-1334
Police Department Chris Smith K9 (843)-918-1918
Police Department Main (843)-918-1382
Police Department Information (843)-918-1382
Police Department Animal Control (843)-918-1382
Police Department Law Enforcement Center Annex (843)-918-1800
Police Department Melinda Cannon (843)-918-1303
Police Department Susan Haring (843)-918-1304
Police Department Jodi Williams (843)-918-1302
Police Department Animal Control Officer (843)-918-1331
Police Department Tommy Chestnut (843)-918-1330
Police Department Bishop Gibson (843)-918-1967
Police Department Stephani James Crime Prevention Officer (843)-918-1806
Police Department Bryan Murphy (843)-918-1802
Police Department Steph Parran (843)-918-1810
Police Department Lynda Turner (843)-918-1383
Police Department Milton Adams (843)-918-1362
Police Department Tony Allen (843)-918-1955
Police Department Richard Arroyo (843)-918-1905
Police Department David Bailey (843)-918-1971
Police Department Jeremiah Beam (843)-918-1964
Police Department Shea Clarkson (843)-918-1902
Police Department Lester Cook (843)-918-1900
Police Department Orion Cozene (843)-918-1901
Police Department Andrew Curry (843)-918-1904
Police Department Eddy Daniel (843)-918-1903
Police Department Doug Furlong (843)-918-1941
Police Department Kellie Hayes (843)-918-1975
Police Department Nathan Howitt (843)-918-1970
Police Department Tony Humes (843)-918-1968
Police Department Hugh Jones (843)-918-1363
Police Department James Kerns (843)-918-1910
Police Department Todd MacPherson (843)-918-1364
Police Department Paul Morrell (843)-918-1957
Police Department Justin Rutter (843)-918-1954
Police Department Steven Thackray (843)-918-1912
Police Department Angel Walker (843)-918-1906
Police Department Tiffany Whitmire (843)-918-1907
Police Department Scott Williamson (843)-918-1965
Police Department Terry Altman (843)-918-1324
Police Department Shannon Castle (843)-918-1801
Police Department Traci Chanaca (843)-918-1364
Police Department Vinnie Dorio (843)-918-1803
Police Department John Fullwood (843)-918-1362
Police Department Mark Jackson (843)-918-1363
Police Department Tony Mitchell (843)-918-1960
Police Department Bill Stair (843)-918-1362
Police Department Robert Swanson (843)-918-1811
Police Department Shannon Toole (843)-918-1392
Police Department Beach Patrol (843)-918-1335
Police Department Phil Bauer (843)-918-1909
Police Department Michelle Cox (843)-918-1362
Police Department Mike Guthinger (843)-918-1805
Police Department Kenneth Harlow (843)-918-1918
Police Department Tommy Hunt (843)-918-1384
Police Department Troy Spivey (843)-918-1397
Police Department Joe West (843)-918-1398
Police Department Detention Service Desk (843)-918-1088
Police Department Records (843)-918-1312
Police Department Jamie Bono (843)-918-1315
Police Department Kelly Brewer (843)-918-1088
Police Department Lydia Chichester (843)-918-1314
Police Department Allison Ellerbe (843)-918-1313
Police Department Emily Elliott (843)-918-1217
Police Department Lynn Grayden-Labiak (843)-918-1328
Police Department Jennifer Hennigan (843)-918-1217
Police Department Consuela Herriott (843)-918-1088
Police Department Emily King (843)-918-1088
Police Department Megan McInerney (843)-918-1317
Police Department Diane Payne (843)-918-1424
Police Department Seabrook Phillips (843)-918-1088
Police Department Tracy Russell (843)-918-1361
Police Department Malinda Shadoan (843)-918-1329
Police Department Kathleen Swanson (843)-918-1088
Police Department Special Events (843)-918-1808
Police Department Thomas Bannister (843)-918-1801
Police Department Warrants Unit (843)-918-1323
Police Department Kevin Larke (843)-918-1362
Police Department Mike Quinn (843)-918-1364
Police Department Garrett Spencer (843)-918-1364
Police Department Traffic Supervisor (843)-918-1392
Police Department Tony Klimas (843)-918-1809
Police Department Justin Lieberth (843)-918-1807
Police Department Becky Small (843)-918-1800
Police Department Thomas Vest (843)-918-1808
Police Department Kerry Aiesi (843)-918-1950
Police Department Allen Amick (843)-918-1908
Police Department Justin Amos (843)-918-1913
Police Department Patty Bellamy (843)-918-1966
Police Department David Clever (843)-918-1323
Police Department Keith Deverell (843)-918-1323
Police Department Kristi Muhlbaier (843)-918-1486
Police Department Community Team (843)-918-1828
Police Department Dave Pearce (843)-918-1364
Police Department Danny Preciado (843)-918-1393
Police Department Cameron Warren (843)-918-1393
Police Department Crystal Edwards (843)-918-1041
Police Department William Gregg (843)-918-1348
Police Department Ervin Sean (843)-918-1084
Police Department John Stegall (843)-918-1830
Police Department Linda Turner (843)-918-1383
Public Information Department Mark Kruea Director (843)-918-1014
Public Information Department Chasity Pendergrass (843)-918-1011
Public Information Department Kaycey Vrettos (843)-918-1017
Public Information Department Main (843)-918-1014
Public Works Department Ron Andrews Special Project Manager, Infrastructure (843)-918-2011
Public Works Department Sandy Brown (843)-918-2009
Public Works Department Debbie Johnson (843)-918-2010
Public Works Department Shawn Speedling (843)-918-2007
Public Works Department John Johnson (843)-918-2016
Public Works Department Howard Vereen (843)-918-2004
Public Works Department Earl Sickels (843)-918-2003
Public Works Department Chris Miller (843)-918-2023
Public Works Department Kim Owings (843)-918-2198
Public Works Department Richard Kirby (843)-918-2390
Public Works Department Rhonda Edge (843)-918-2332
Public Works Department Chad Hudson (843)-918-2412
Public Works Department Eric Norris (843)-918-2018
Public Works Department Bobby Knight (843)-918-2077
Public Works Department Main (843)-918-2000
Public Works Department Janet Curry Director (843)-918-2021
Public Works Department Robert Granieri (843)-918-2026
Public Works Department Hildit Hucks (843)-918-2015
Public Works Department Construction Shop (843)-918-2493
Public Works Department Frankie Collins (843)-918-2085
Public Works Department Jhonattan De Leon (843)-918-2027
Public Works Department Tommy Holt (843)-918-2076
Public Works Department Thomas Smith (843)-918-2028
Public Works Department Infrastructure (843)-918-2251
Public Works Department Clint Hallman (843)-918-2333
Public Works Department Tod O'Briant (843)-918-2341
Public Works Department Mike Potenziano (843)-918-2339
Public Works Department David Stetz (843)-918-2408
Public Works Department Dondi Riley (843)-918-2102
Public Works Department Linda Strickland (843)-918-2100
Public Works Department Steve Eargle (843)-918-2080
Public Works Department Joey Stevens (843)-918-2197
Public Works Department Leon Davis (843)-918-2494
Public Works Department Jerry Gibbins (843)-918-2078
Public Works Department Mike Falvo (843)-918-2024
Public Works Department Jeff Hollister ALERT Crew (843)-918-2160
Public Works Department Dave Weaver ALERT Crew (843)-918-2160
Public Works Department Transfer Station (843)-918-2160
Public Works Department Kim Johnson (843)-918-2161
Public Works Department Ed Marr (843)-918-2163
Public Works Department Thurmon Pugh (843)-918-2162
Public Works Department Ron Gilkerson (843)-918-2022
Public Works Department Tori Pruiksma (843)-918-2001
Public Works Department Timmy Thomas (843)-918-2493
Public Works Department Chase Parker (843)-918-2013
Public Works Department Ricky West Ocean Woods Cemetery (843)-918-2251
Public Works Department Kurt Klepper (843)-918-2392
Public Works Department Kevin Graham (843)-918-2020
Public Works Department Jonathan Lambert (843)-918-2084
Recreation Services Department Wanda Bodine (843)-918-1188
Recreation Services Department Lisa Ibbetson (843)-918-2294
Recreation Services Department Tony Payne (843)-918-1497
Recreation Services Department Brad Anderson (843)-918-2441
Recreation Services Department Amanda Bowles (843)-918-2286
Recreation Services Department Holly Lee (843)-918-2284
Recreation Services Department Kirk Gallion (843)-918-2295
Recreation Services Department Dustin Jordan Director (843)-918-1187
Recreation Services Department Rob Cardella (843)-918-2359
Recreation Services Department Kevin Morris (843)-918-2287
Recreation Services Department Troy Marron (843)-918-4906
Recreation Services Department Edwin Boyzo (843)-918-1472
Recreation Services Department Ryan Caputo (843)-918-1476
Recreation Services Department Docshee Moore (843)-918-1475
Recreation Services Department Jonah Lanham (843)-918-1469
Recreation Services Department Ja'Net Wade ja' (843)-918-1477
Recreation Services Department Paige Geddings (843)-918-2291
Recreation Services Department Aaron Frobase (843)-918-2289
Recreation Services Department Linda Hopkinson (843)-918-2282
Recreation Services Department Samantha Vititoe (843)-918-2277
Recreation Services Department Lisa Lesnick (843)-918-2272
Recreation Services Department Main (843)-918-1191
Recreation Services Department General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center (843)-918-2380
Recreation Services Department David Gleaton (843)-918-2382
Recreation Services Department Crabtree Memorial Gymnasium (843)-918-2355
Recreation Services Department Marilyn Delgaizo (843)-918-2372
Recreation Services Department Blake Goss (843)-918-2356
Recreation Services Department Mary Heyd (843)-918-2355
Recreation Services Department Ed Lewis (843)-918-2355
Recreation Services Department Chris Millsaps (843)-918-2360
Recreation Services Department Greg Moody (843)-918-2361
Recreation Services Department Mike Parasiliti (843)-918-2363
Recreation Services Department Barbara Patterson (843)-918-1185
Recreation Services Department J.C. Blackhurst (843)-918-2348
Recreation Services Department Mike Greer (843)-918-1506
Recreation Services Department Jamie McMillan (843)-918-2348
Recreation Services Department Sheehan Dennis (843)-918-2348
Recreation Services Department Mary C. Canty Recreation Center (843)-918-1465
Recreation Services Department Diane Davis (843)-918-1467
Recreation Services Department Jennifer Dennison (843)-918-1468
Recreation Services Department Lauren Mynhier (843)-918-1463
Recreation Services Department Pool, Mary C. Canty Recreation Center (843)-918-1470
Recreation Services Department Pepper Geddings Recreation Center (843)-918-2280
Recreation Services Department Wendy Bass (843)-918-2271
Recreation Services Department Brenda Decker (843)-918-2242
Recreation Services Department Mike Foltz (843)-918-2296
Recreation Services Department Gage Hicks (843)-918-2288
Recreation Services Department Gary Rose (843)-918-2274
Recreation Services Department Myrtle Beach Tennis Center (843)-918-2440
Recreation Services Department Ashlie Imming (843)-918-2369
Recreation Services Department Jimmy Strichek (843)-918-2371
Recreation Services Department General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center Director (843)-918-2381
Recreation Services Department Amy Branton (843)-918-2290
Recreation Services Department Kaitlyn Earnest (843)-918-2285
Recreation Services Department Jeanne Hock (843)-918-2279
Recreation Services Department Kelly Suarez (843)-918-2271
Recreation Services Department Graham Howe (843)-918-2240
Sports Tourism Tim Huber Director (843)-918-2278
Sports Tourism Jennifer Shaffer (843)-918-2389
Sports Tourism Blake Barbee (843)-918-2370
Sports Tourism Jordan Simbeck (843)-918-2292
Sports Tourism Main (843)-918-2394
Sports Tourism Caitlin Horkan (843)-918-2391
Sports Tourism Geoffrey Anderson (843)-957-2724
Sports Tourism Jody Davidson (843)-945-0679
Sports Tourism Tami Sterling (843)-315-8252
Sports Tourism Jeff Jacobs (843)-918-2256
Whispering Pines Golf Course Main, Pro Shop (843)-918-2305
Whispering Pines Golf Course Chip Smith Manager (843)-222-2447