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Chair/Umbrella Rentals & Accessibility

IMG_1253For information about Beach Conditions & Laws, click here.  To learn about the city's shading device policy, click here.


The City of Myrtle Beach franchises the chair and umbrella rentals through two companies:  John’s Beach Service and Lack’s Beach Service.  Depending on the location, contact one of these two service companies directly to reserve chairs and umbrellas.

  • Northern City Limits through 82nd Avenue North (Zone 89) – Lack’s Beach Service
  • 82nd Avenue North through North Side of Pier 14, between 12th and 14th Avenues North (Zones 39-88) – John’s Beach Service
  • South Side of Pier 14, between 12th and 14th Avenues North, through Southern City Limits (Zones 1-38) – Lack’s Beach Service
John’s Beach Service – 843-448-6454, https://johnsbeachservice/chair-rentals
Lack’s Beach Service – 843-448-7741


For beachgoing wheelchairs, third party rental companies exist in the area.  Please note that the list of private companies below is shared as a courtesy resource; the city does not endorse any commercial businesses.  The rental fees and restrictions are set by the individual companies and the City of Myrtle Beach is not responsible for any reimbursement cost. 

Wheelchairs and Scooters of Myrtle Beach
1325 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Mobility Center
7831 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Adaptive Surf Project  (Myrtle Beach locations listed below)
Surf City Surf Shop
6303 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Second Avenue Pier
110 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Apache Pier
9700 Kings Road, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Springmaid Pier
3200 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Palms Resort
2500 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

More information available here.


Did you know that many of the city’s public beach access points have bicycle racks?  Bicycles do not need parking decals and parking is free.  The following beach access locations offer bike racks:  Anderson Park, Breakers Park, Cameron Park, Gardens by the Sea Park, Hurl Rocks Park, Plyler Park, 14th Avenue Pier and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk at First through Ninth Avenues North.  And, you’ll find racks at the beach accesses on the residential street ends at 82nd, 79th, 78th, 66th, 63rd, 51st, 49th, 48th, 46th, 44th, 43rd, 41st, 39th and 34th Avenues North.  Many parks and city buildings also provide bike racks.


The City of Myrtle Beach has 114 public beach access points (street ends, parks and other access points).   Below is the list of those public locations, from north to south.  An asterisk (*) indicates beach access ramps only.

  • 8926 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 8702 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 82nd Avenue North
  • 81st Avenue North
  • 80th Avenue North
  • 79th Avenue North
  • 78th Avenue North
  • 77th Avenue North
  • 76th Avenue North
  • 75th Avenue North
  • 74th Avenue North
  • 73rd Avenue North
  • 72nd Avenue North
  • 71st Avenue North
  • 70th Avenue North*
  • 69th Avenue North*
  • 68th Avenue North
  • 67th Avenue North
  • 66th Avenue North
  • 65th Avenue North
  • 64th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 63rd Avenue North
  • Highland Way
  • Haskell Circle
  • Seaside Place*
  • Beach Place
  • Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • 53rd Avenue North
  • 52nd Avenue North
  • 51st Avenue North
  • 50th Avenue North
  • 49th Avenue North
  • 48th Avenue North
  • 47th Avenue North
  • 46th Avenue North
  • 45th Avenue North
  • 44th Avenue North*
  • 43rd Avenue North
  • 42nd Avenue North
  • 41st Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 40th Avenue North
  • 39th Avenue North
  • 38th Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 37th Avenue North
  • 34th Avenue North
  • 31st Avenue North*
  • 30th Avenue North
  • 29th Avenue North
  • 2804 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2802 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 28th Avenue North
  • 27th Avenue North
  • 2608 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2606 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2604 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 26th Avenue North
  • 2502 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 25th Avenue North*
  • 24th Avenue North
  • 2310 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 23rd Avenue North
  • 2206 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2204 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2108 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2106 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 2104 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 21st Avenue North
  • 20th Avenue North
  • Anderson Park, 1900 Ocean Boulevard*
  • 1804 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 1802 North Ocean Boulevard*
  • 1800 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 1708 North Ocean Boulevard
  • 17th Avenue North
  • 16th Avenue North*
  • 15th Avenue North
  • 14th Avenue North
  • 13th Avenue North*
  • 12th Avenue North
  • Plyler Park, 1000 North Ocean Boulevard*
  • 9th Avenue North
  • 8th Avenue North
  • 7th Avenue North*
  • 6th Avenue North
  • 5th Avenue North
  • 4th Avenue North*
  • 3rd Avenue North
  • 2nd Avenue North (fully accessible)
  • 1st Avenue North*
  • 1st Avenue South
  • 2nd Avenue South
  • 3rd Avenue South (fully accessible)
  • Withers Swash, 451 South Ocean Boulevard
  • 6th Avenue South
  • 7th Avenue South
  • 8th Avenue South
  • 9th Avenue South*
  • 10th Avenue South*
  • 11th Avenue South
  • 12th Avenue South*
  • 13th Avenue South
  • 15th Avenue South*
  • 16th Avenue South*
  • 1703 South Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • 1809 South Ocean Boulevard*
  • 19th Avenue South
  • Hurl Rock Park, 1905 South Ocean Boulevard (fully accessible)
  • 21st Avenue South
  • William Street
  • 24th Avenue South*
  • 25th Avenue South
  • 26th Avenue South
  • 27th Avenue South*
  • 28th Avenue South
  • 29th Avenue South (fully accessible)