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Special Events

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Troy Marron, Special Events Supervisor


The Special Events Division serves within the Parks, Recreation & Sports Tourism DepartmentThe division coordinates all  special events efforts and facility rentals.  To view a list of the city's many parks, playgrounds and facilities, visit the City Facilities, Parks and Playgrounds webpage.  For facility rental information, visit the Facility Rentals webpage.


special event constitutes an outside or outdoor entertainment, amusement, athletic or political event.  These events are advertised or promoted inside and/or outside the city, on private property or in the exclusionary use of public property.  It involves a large number of people and vehicles that impose foot-traffic and vehicular congestion.  A special event has a specific start and stop date, and has no intervening dates of event inactivity, except for legislative or city-sponsored events. 

A special event can include, but is not limited to:
(1) Any organized formation, parade, procession or assembly consisting of persons, and which may include animals, vehicles or any combination thereof, which is to assemble or travel in unison on any street which does not comply with normal or usual traffic regulations or controls; or,
(2) Any organized assemblage, not meeting the criteria for a facilities use permit, of persons at any public beach or public park which is to gather for a common purpose under the direction and control of a person; or,
(3) Any other organized activity conducted by a person or group for a common or collective use, purpose or benefit which involves the use of, or has an impact on, other public property or facilities and the provision of city public safety services in response thereto.

Here's a general list of examples of a special event...

  • any spectator event (football game, basketball game, baseball game, golf tournament, hydroplane competition or boating competition)
  • any sporting competition (marathon, running event, bicycle race or tour)
  • automobile or motorcycle rally
  • block party
  • circus
  • community event
  • concert
  • fair
  • festival
  • filming
  • parade
Note that the series of similar events is not considered a single special event, unless conducted on consecutive days.  Also note that the outdoor display of merchandise on private property in connection with the sale of merchandise is not considered a special event.


The City of Myrtle Beach's Code of Ordinances is available online.  Specifically, Article VI of the city's Code of Ordinances addresses the laws regarding "Special Events, Parades, Facility Use, Public Performance and Picketing."


Special events by definition can create challenges for the city.  These challenges include, but are not limited to:  parking needs; sanitation needs; security needs; road closures; emergency service needs; and, the safe erection and operation of rides, games or machines.

To preserve and maintain the City of Myrtle Beach's top priority, public safety, the city uses a permit process to help plan and facilitate special events.  This ensures the health, safety, wellness and welfare of event attendees and city residents alike.  And, the permit process prevents the city from rendering unforeseen or excessive costs associated with the response and management of an event to preserve the public peace.

To submit a special event application, download the form below.  Please complete the form, print and submit via email to  Or, submit the application in-person to the Special Events Division, located at the City Services Building, 921 North Oak Street.  Please note that the event application must be completed and received no later than 30 days prior to the proposed event.