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What's that $2.00 container fee on my City of Myrtle Beach utility bill?

"What's that $2.00 container fee on my City of Myrtle Beach utility bill?" you ask. Here's the answer... That fee covers the cost of providing or replacing your residential solid waste and recycling pelicans. Rather than charge the customer up front for the whole cost of the container, and any replacement when needed, the container fee is a more economical solution. It also gives the customer more options for container sizes. And we'll deliver!

Previously, customers purchased the blue rollout pelican for $70 and perhaps a green rollout recycling cart for $50, which meant that you had to come out of pocket $120 for these two pieces of equipment. We also had customers ask for different sizes of both carts -- a smaller pelican and a larger recycling cart. To accommodate those requests and save on the upfront cost, we created the $2.00 monthly fee. Now, when your pelican or recycling cart needs to be replaced, we will do so at no additional cost to you.

If you don't have a green recycling cart, you're welcome to request one, in either size. That cost is included in the $2.00 fee, and we'll even deliver it. Similarly, if you would like a smaller pelican, that's an option, too. To inquire further, please call the Solid Waste Division at 843-918-2160.