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Myrtle Beach releases street paving schedule

MARCH 31, 2022
Seventeen Myrtle Beach roads are set to be repaved in coming weeks, including Farrow Parkway and much of north Ocean Boulevard. Paving on North Ocean Boulevard, from Hampton Circle to 82nd Park-way, begins this Sunday night and will occur from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The work starts at 82nd Parkway and heads south, with one lane open at all times. Farrow Parkway also will be repaved at night, although we don’t have those dates yet.
The total cost for all of the projects is $3.1 million, with Farrow Parkway the most expensive, at $1,647,850. Ocean Boulevard is the second-most costly, at $717,553. Funding sources include the city’s general budget, the capital improvement budget, the Market Common TIF and state grants from the County Transportation Committee. Here’s the full list of city-owned roads to be repaved…
• Farrow Parkway (Kings Highway to US 17)
• Ocean Boulevard (from Hampton Circle to 82nd Parkway)
• Fifth Avenue South (Kings Highway to Yaupon Drive)
• 33rd Avenue North (from North Oak Street to Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium)
• 37th Avenue North (from Kings Highway to North Oak Street)
• Owens Street (from Highway 15 to the end)
• Calhoun Road (from Kings Highway to Woodside Avenue)
• Jennings Road (from Pine Island Road to Poplar Drive)
• Clark Street
• Session Street (from Highway 15 to the end)
• Rosehaven Drive (from Highway 15 to the end)
• Clark, Ellington and Horne Streets
• Ramsey and Poplar Drives
• Beaver Road (from 17th Avenue South to 13th Avenue South)
• Park Drive (from Ramsey Drive to Cedar Drive)
• Oak Drive (from Ramsey Drive to Jennings Road)
• Pine Drive (from Highway 15 to Cedar Drive)